Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Premiere Recap — “Seal Our Fate”
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Premiere Recap — “Seal Our Fate”

The night we’ve waited for all summer is finally here: the Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 premiere! We can’t wait to find out #whowillsurvive… although if you ask us, it better be Richard.

And in tonight’s season premiere, we’re going to get all the answers to our burning questions — in an episode so long it’s practically a movie! The spoilers have been flying in the last few weeks, but only in tonight’s episode will we get to find out what happens for real.

So get comfy with us as we recap the first episode of what we know will be a legendary tenth season… and the last season that will include Cristina Yang (and possibly some of our other favorites).

The storm’s still raging on as we pick up right where we left off (as promised!).The hospital’s in a state of mass chaos, and Meredith and Derek are being adorbs with their babies — the new one is named Derek Bailey Shepherd! — but what else did we expect?

The next morning, our favorite doctors-gone-board-members meet in Mer’s room to discuss what’s up after being flooded (literally) with victims from last night’s storm. Callie calls Arizona out for cheating in front of everyone… and we can feel the sting through the TV. Meanwhile, Alex and Jo are getting it on in the on call room, so at least something’s going right.

And have we noticed Richard’s still nowhere to be found? The only one who notices this (besides us) is Bailey, and she sends intern Shane — who’s otherwise proving useless in an emergency — to go look for him. Of course, he sends Mousey in his place so he can get in good with the other doctors.

And, predictably, when Mousey goes to find Richard, she steps in the electrically charged water and suffers the same fate. Yikes!

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Premiere Recap — “Seal Our Fate”
Credit: Danny Feld/ABC © 2013 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.    

Calzona, forced to interact because of the crazy patient situation going on in the ER, keep hurting our souls with their constant arguing. Please kiss and make up. We can’t stand it anymore! And April’s in an awkward relationship sitch herself, but her hands are pretty full with mudslide victims.

Shane finally makes it down to the basement, and the next thing we know, he and Bailey are wheeling Richard and Mousey into the ER. Um, you guys are going to save them, right? Please?

After Shane and Derek check out Heather’s scans, here’s an update: it ain’t good.

The whole hospital’s in a panic, and Meredith’s been kept in the dark as she’s quarantined in the maternity ward. ‘Til she catches Alex at the right moment and he fills her in, that is. And Cristina’s doing her best to fix Richard right up. We’ve got as much faith in her as Bailey does — and we were right! He’s got a steady heartbeat, and things are starting to look up as Chandra Wilson earns her paycheck with those tears that make us want to cry.

And the mystery of who Owen calls time of death for is solved: the firefighter he and April worked so hard to save after the explosion didn’t make it. Ugh. Our hearts. This episode will be the end of us, and we’ve still got part two coming up!

Richard’s heart may be stable, but he’s got an acute abdomen, and he needs surgery. Cristina’s not for it quite yet, but Bailey’s fighting for it. So guess who makes the call? Meredith, who turns out to be Richard’s medical power of attorney. We know you’ve just had a baby, but decide if we do this incredibly risky surgery on a man who’s been like a father to you. No pressure!

Ultimately, she makes the call to operate… but she doesn’t look that confident in her decision. And in another OR, Heather’s hemorrhaging, and Derek has to crack her skull open — ugh, why is this so stressful?!

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Premiere Recap — “Seal Our Fate”
Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC © 2013 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.    

Arizona opens up to Alex about her struggles with Callie, and she says she thinks this will only make their relationship stronger. That's the angle she wants to take with Callie, but Alex suggests she tries the classic, “I’m sorry I’m such a slut.” At this point, we kinda agree.

Jackson’s mom arrives at the hospital, and she’s pissed that they’ve taken the risk of operating on Richard. But we’ve got bigger things to worry about — Mousey didn’t make it out of surgery. Moment of silence for Shonda’s latest victim, please.

Cue meaningful glances between Japril during this tough time. Unfortunately, this means he’s gotta comfort Stephanie, leaving April — and us — all kinds of conflicted, as Matthew figures out exactly what’s going on here.

And Callie still doesn’t want to talk to Arizona, who is practically begging to apologize. Can we really blame her, though? Arizona later comes home to an empty apartment to find that Callie’s packed her things (and Sofia) and split. Oh, the feels!

Catherine Avery is kicking ass and taking names over Richard’s surgery, and pretty much says an entire catalog of inexcusable things to an already distraught Bailey. You know, we’ve always kind of liked Catherine, but right now? Not exactly earning any points with us.

Derek and Zola come home to Callie crying on the couch, completely inconsolable. Are our tear ducts getting a break tonight? No? It feels so good to have Grey’s back. Luckily, drunk Callie is an entertaining mess, so that lightens the mood a bit. But Arizona shows up at the hospital in a total rage looking for her, so her hideout isn’t going to last much longer.

But don’t worry about Owen and Cristina. They’re already going back on their original decision (well, Cristina’s original decision) to stay apart for now. When will these two learn? They’re calling it a “last memory,” though. Yeah, we’ll see.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Premiere Recap — “Seal Our Fate”
Credit: Danny Feld/ABC © 2013 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.    

Jackson tells Meredith his mom’s planning to move Richard to another hospital, which gives her the perfect excuse to get out of bed. She books an OR for Bailey to do some exploratory surgery. If we wanna put Richard’s life in anyone’s hands, it’s those two!

The interns are pulling a Meredith and Cristina and boozing it up in the locker room as they prep for Mousey’s mom to show up at the hospital. It’s actually kind of cute how they’re starting to bond like they should have last season — although maybe it’s the wrong time, because Heather’s poor mother walks into what looks like a huge party. But they manage to be there for her when she finds out the bad news, anyway.

Jackson’s less than convinced April really means it when she says she’s in love with him. Why is this not going the way we wanted it to?! So what does she do? She tells Matthew she wants to marry him. This is a total mess.

Finally Callie and Arizona talk, but only so Callie can tell her she’ll be staying at Mer’s with Sofia. It will take awhile to put their relationship back together, so we’re assuming no happy ending for a looooong time.

Arizona shows up at Meredith’s and Derek’s and begs to see Sofia. Callie says no, but Cristina jumps in and tells her to hand over the kid for a little while. Who knew she had such a soft spot?!

And Richard’s status update for the end of this episode: alive, and eyes open.

Not that we’re crying again or anything.

What did you think of this episode? Sound off in the comments below!

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