Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Premiere: What Does “Seal Our Fate” Mean?
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Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Premiere: What Does “Seal Our Fate” Mean?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 returns in a little less than two months, and now we know a big detail about the two-hour premiere: it’s titled “Seal Our Fate.” Though we’re excited about this huge spoiler, it is ominous — especially given the premiere picks up right where the finale left off.

As we do with any bit of intel Shonda Rhimes & Co. will throw at us, we’re questioning everything about whose fate could be sealed. While the most obvious guess is Richard Webber’s, who was seen unconscious with sparks flying around him in the final seconds of the season finale, it could be a more symbolic “fate” that is sealed. Read on for our five best guesses, then hit the comments with your thoughts and theories!

Richard’s fate is sealed. Since Shonda said that James Pickens Jr. will definitely be back in this season, this would make the most logical sense. Though it’s one fate and not “our” fate, he is such an integral part of the hospital that it would affect everyone (especially Meredith and Bailey). This, in turn, could seal Owen’s fate as chief, since let’s be honest — we all still think of Richard as Chief Webber, right?

Calzona’s fate is sealed. When we last left Callie and Arizona, they were having a screaming match that broke our hearts. Though they didn’t talk about divorce, they were at the very least headed for separation given that Arizona and Callie are both angry and resentful for different reasons. Oh, and Arizona cheated, which was the spark that started the fire. Will they get divorced? Decide to go to therapy? Sounds like a fate that could be sealed.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Premiere: What Does “Seal Our Fate” Mean?
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Cristina and Owen’s fate is sealed. Things were seemingly definitive in the finale when Cristina broke up with Owen, trying to be selfless since she knows she never wants kids. They could make this very official by one of them leaving (Cristina’s done it before!) or have a heart-to-heart that either breaks them up for good or somehow gets them back together. While it’s like the former, we’ll cross our fingers for a reunion.

Meredith and Derek’s fate is sealed. Though MerDer was happy in the finale after the birth of their baby boy, Bailey, spoilers hint that we’ll be dealing with the “aftermath” of Meredith’s rough birth. Also, Patrick Dempsey recently said,  "They can't be just be happy,” hinting at some tension in their relationship as he spends more time with the kids than fostering his career. So, does that mean he could leave the hospital to be a stay-at-home dad? Likely not, but it could be something sad (deciding not to have any more kids) or something happy (deciding to just focus on being a happy family) — we’re not sure which.

Bailey’s fate is sealed. Bailey was not in good shape when we last saw her. After the CDC investigation, she was broken, locking herself in a room and testing her blood over and over again as she tried to recover from “killing” her patients. Though her husband, Ben, came back to help, she was still rocky at work. She managed to save Meredith’s life, but will she decide to leave the hospital if the stress is too much? We hope not, but her fate could be sealed that way.

Whose fate do you think will be sealed in the Season 10 premiere? Sound off below!