Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Relationship Roundup: How Are the Couples Doing?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Relationship Roundup: How Are the Couples Doing?

Grey's Anatomy relationships always have their ups and downs, and Season 10 is no exception. Some couples are happier than ever this season, while others are on the brink of destruction. Which are doing well, which have a chance, and which are hopeless?

Here's where everyone stands as of Season 10, Episode 8. We'll keep you updated as things develop!

Meredith and Derek: Going strong. We couldn't be happier to see Meredith and Derek being happy. Sure, having a newborn at home took some getting used to, but at this point the show's star pair seems fully adjusted. Right now, they've found a good system and can be there for each other when things get rough in other realms of life.

Owen and Cristina: Totally over, but happily friends. Yeah, it looks like Owen and Cristina are sticking to that whole "calling it quits" thing. But the good news is they seem to be making their friendship work, despite a few awkward moments.

Owen and Emma: Promising. Owen's relationship with Emma looks good — at least for now.

Callie and Arizona: Terrible mess. They aren't divorced, but each week they seem to get further and further apart. We hate it.

Arizona and Leah: Casual… for now. Arizona says she wants to keep things casual with this fling, but they've had a few emotional moments already. Somehow, we doubt this will end well.

Alex and Jo: Going well...ish. Alex and Jo have definitely had some rough patches already, but we think they can stick it out, and they seem happy right now.

Bailey and Ben: Making it work. Bailey is still adjusting to Ben dropping out of his program and coming home, but we have faith that the marriage will survive.

April and Jackson: Off. Jackson made it clear he didn't want April to play with his heart anymore. Somehow, we doubt that's the last we'll hear of them, but for now they're dunzo.

April and Matthew: Happily engaged. April and Matthew are getting more adorable by the minute. Could this marriage actually happen?

Jackson and Stephanie: Solid. This relationship started off as a sidenote, but it's getting more serious every week.

Richard and Catherine: Solid. Much like her son, Mama Avery is in a very steady, happy relationship with Richard.

Which couples do you think will survive the season? Let us know in the comments below!

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