Could Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Earn Sandra Oh an Emmy?
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Grey's Anatomy

Could Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Earn Sandra Oh an Emmy?

Sandra Oh’s Cristina Yang may be gone from Grey’s Anatomy for good, but do you know what’s not gone for good? Sandra’s chance at an Emmy for the role.

In Season 10, we got to witness some major moments from Cristina before we said goodbye. Between fighting with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and her fling with Owen (Kevin McKidd), we’ve gotten to see Sandra stretch her acting wings in all directions. Our favorite Cristina moment? When she finally got to tell off Burke (Isaiah Washington) for once and for all… you know, before taking over his hospital (and later, the world). So satisfying!

If Sandra’s nominated, it won’t be the first time. Sandra was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 — phew, that’s a lot of nominations! Sandra’s also taken home a Golden Globe Award and a SAG Award for bringing Cristina to life. Could this finally be her year? The show itself has submitted 27 Emmy entries, so Emmy voters will definitely have the opportunity to see the cast is deserving.

We still have a little while to go before we can know for sure, though. The Emmys are happening this August, but nominees still haven’t been announced. For those who are eligible to vote, the online nominee voting has already begun. So exciting!

After ten years of dedication to bringing one of our favorite TV characters to life, an Emmy would be the perfect way to honor Sandra’s hard work. Fingers crossed it’ll happen!

Do you think Sandra should win an Emmy?

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