Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Speculation: What Are the “New Sets”?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Speculation: What Are the “New Sets”?

We still have over a month until Grey's Anatomy Season 10 returns on February 27, 2014, but at least spoilers are slowly coming in. One of the most interesting pieces of info so far is that there are several "potentially permanent" new sets in the works, one of which will have to do with a major plot point down the line for one of the show's "longtime" couples.

What could this info be referring too? We thought we'd have some fun speculating — and then we want to hear your theories!

A new workspace for Derek. Now that the president has given Derek a personal call, we can't imagine he'd turn down the request to work on the presidential brain mapping project. If he does take the new job, it will probably mean a new workspace. That could easily become a major plot point, especially if it's an office in a different part of the country. Maybe Mer starts to resent Derek for dropping daddy duty?

A house for Calzona. If there's one longtime couple whose relationship has been at the center of the season so far, it's definitely Callie and Arizona. Maybe they decide that to fix their relationship, they need a fresh start — and with it, a fresh house.

Or a new apartment for either Callie or Arizona. At this point, we're feeling pretty sure that Callie and Arizona are going to make things work, but we all know it's a mistake to get too confident about anything when it comes to relationships on this show. Could one of these lovely ladies decide to move out in a permanent way? We really hope not.

A house for Jackson and April. While April and Jackson haven't exactly been together for an extended period of time, their feelings for each other have been a plot point for several seasons now, so it's possible they're who the spoiler is referring to. Perhaps after Jackson's declaration at April's wedding, they decide to go all in and move in together.

What do you think this spoiler is about? Share your theories in the comments below!

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