Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: [SPOILER] Has to Have a Kid, Pick a Guy, and Face Death! (VIDEO)
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: [SPOILER] Has to Have a Kid, Pick a Guy, and Face Death! (VIDEO)

Grey’s Anatomy is notorious for dramatic storylines and edge-of-your-seat premieres, but it always manages to surprise us. Case in point: one star revealed that she wants her character to have a kid, pick a guy, and face death in the upcoming episodes of the medical drama’s milestone tenth season.

During a chat with E! Online, Sarah Drew (April) talked about her character’s future, dishing, “She’s got to have a kid, because everyone has a kid. That means she has to pick a guy, which she hasn’t done yet. She’s gotta face death — she has to almost die a few times, then I think she’ll be kind of in the realm of everybody else.” Sounds about right — all of that has happened to Meredith Grey, at least!

As for what’s actually happening in the scripts and not just in her wild dreams/nightmares, we can expect more of her messy love life. "[April] is definitely going to be in the midst of this love triangle for a while," Sarah revealed, but it’s not just about Jackson vs. Matthew for her. "We're going to really see her start to kick ass as a trauma surgeon, as an attending, and I'm really excited to see that stuff happen. She's going to take her boards again, let's pray that she passes them." Our fingers and toes are crossed for April.

Love is in the air in two completely different ways for Sarah’s co-stars Camilla Luddington (Jo) and Sara Ramirez (Callie). While Jo and Karev “just declared their love” and will have “ an entire season of exploring that,” Callie is “enraged, devastated, and broken-hearted” and will have a “lot of work to do” with adulterous wife Arizona.

However, both Jo and Callie will hopefully be exploring different departments. Camilla notes that Jo will be deciding between pediatric or orthopedic, whereas Sara hopes Callie will “learn a new specialty … step inside a new arena and maybe be awful at it at first, but possibly become great at something else.”

Sounds like an exciting season to us! What are you most excited about, Grey’s fans? Sound off below!

Catch the Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 premiere on Thursday, September 26, 2013, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Source: E! Online