Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers Roundup: Everything You Need to Know
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers Roundup: Everything You Need to Know

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 is still many months away, and, as always, executive producer Shonda Rhimes is keeping tight-lipped about the show's secrets. However, that hasn't stopped a few spoilers from making their way out into the world. So, what can we expect from Season 10? We've gathered all of biggest Season 10 news right here, and will continue to update as more info rolls in.

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General Info

Starting with a bang. The season will open with a two-hour premiere full of shocks and twists that picks up right where we left off with the storm, and introduces some new characters (including a group of firefighters), to boot. We can also expect an action-packed two hours that will make us laugh and cry. Be warned: It's "depressing."

A big episode celebration. The 200th episode of Grey's Anatomy will fall this year. It will be the fourth episode of Season 10, and something big is reportedly in the works.

A "whole mess of drama." Writer and producer Tony Phelan teases "a whole mess of drama" this season and says, "questions will be answered - lives and loves drawn together/torn asunder." Camilla Luddington says there's "a LOT to take in" about the season.

But humor too. That said, we can expect this season to bring the laughs as well.

What about the interns? They're back! All of the interns have been upgraded to series regulars except Heather (Tina Majorino), and she was only left out of the fun because she's committed to TNT's new show Legends.

James Pickens Jr. will return. Though we don't know if Richard is dead or alive, Shonda Rhimes says that we will see James (Richard Webber) again in Season 10. She also tweeted (and then deleted) a photo that suggests he does survive.

A big guest star. Dexter fave James Remar will have a multi-episode arc starting early in Season 10.

A key character will return. According to Kevin McKidd, a key character from Grey's Anatomy's past will be back to take part in a big cliffhanger.

Relationship News

Does Calzona have a chance? We can certainly expect more Callie and Arizona drama in light of their blowout Season 9 finale fight. But are they done for good? According to Shonda Rhimes, there's a lot to explore with Callie and Arizona's issues now, which makes it sound like they will at least attempt to save their marriage, though she also warns that there's no easy reconciliation in sight. Either way, it sounds like Lauren won't be back to cause more trouble, at least not near the start of the season.

What about Owen and Cristina? Kevin McKidd thinks Owen and Cristina will always have some sort of connection and will always be "a spiritual couple," and Shonda Rhimes says they are "absolutely" still in love, but she also thought their breakup in the finale was a "definitive" moment, and with Sandra Oh leaving the show once the season is up, it seems unlikely that they'll get together again. In fact, Cristina might play a part in finding Owen someone who could be the mother of his children.

What's ahead for MerDer? In the premiere, we'll see Meredith and Derek dealing with the "aftermath" of her traumatic labor, and as the season goes on we'll see them learn how to deal with a newborn and struggle to balance work and parenthood, which will lead to some stress and a "complex and complicated" arc.

April, Jackson, and Matthew. The April/Jackson/Matthew triangle isn't going anywhere (though don't worry, we'll also see April come into her own as a trauma surgeon, so it won't all be about her messy love life).

And Jo and Alex? It sounds like we'll finally see Alex in a happy relationship, as he and Jo "explore" what's between them. About time!

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