Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers: What Happens With Callie and Arizona?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers: What Happens With Callie and Arizona?

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 finally returns with Season 10, Episode 13: “Take it Back" this Thursday, February 27, and we could not be more ready to get back into the thick of things at Grey Sloan Memorial. There are a lot of storylines we're ready to see resolved. At the top of that list? Whether or not Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona's (Jessica Capshaw) marriage is going to make it.

The cast and crew have kept mum about the fate of one of the show's most beloved couples, but there have been some spoilers about when we can expect to get a resolution, so we've gathered everything we know right here.

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The decision is being made — this week. The synopsis for Season 10, Episode 13 teases that "Arizona and Callie decide whether or not to move forward together."

But wait... aren't they already together again? When we left off, Callie and Arizona seemed to be making (baby) steps towards fixing their marriage. It felt like they'd already decided to "move forward" towards reconciliation and forgiveness. So what gives? Well, in the newest promos for the episode, there's a scene of Arizona screaming at Callie, "It's not working!"

While that moment could be a mislead, it certainly appears like Arizona cracks again, which fits with the spoiler teasing an intense Calzona encounter (which you can see in photos here) and a "roller coaster" episode for one of these ladies.

What about the new set? We also know that a new set will serve as a "major plot point" for a longtime Grey's couple this season. A lot of fans are speculating that the couple is Calzona — either they break up, and one of them gets a new place, or they decide to buy a new house together as a symbol of how they're moving on from the pain in the past. If that spoiler is about them, we hope it's the second option!

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Grey's Anatomy returns on Thursday, February 27 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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