Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers: Which Couple Could Be “Finally Done For Good”?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers: Which Couple Could Be “Finally Done For Good”?

When Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 came to an end, many couples were in flux. Callie and Arizona finished the finale with an all-out screaming match, and Owen and Cristina broke up again after factoring in kids... again. So, what’s to come for these pairings in Season 10?

While all four actors have spoken out about what could happen when the show returns, a fresh perspective is good, too. Star Jesse Williams (Jackson Avery) opened up with his own speculation for one couple recently, explaining to Cocoa Fab that next year is “really all about how Cristina and Owen end up.” In his opinion, “They’re actually finally done, maybe they're finally done for good.”

Eek! Considering that Jesse has an insider's perspective on the show, we’ll take his insight to heart. However, we are more focused on the good things that happened in the finale. In addition to Meredith and Derek having a healthy baby boy named Bailey, Jackson and April maybe got back together — or at least April admitted her true feelings. What will happen with that next season?

Reflecting on last season, Jesse said, “For my character, I think you saw him handle things romantically, you saw him handle that professionally taking his work seriously being asked to be surgeon, taking the lead, standing up to his co-workers in a way that you haven’t seen before, telling them no, telling them he disagrees, taking surgeries, taking the lead against Arizona and some other people earning their respect." Basically, in a long, run-on way, there’s a lot that can stem from his problems last season. Will that include breaking up with intern Stephanie and getting together with April? Only time will tell.

Are you nervous for Cristina and Owen and/or Jackson and April? Sound off below!

Source: Cocoa Fab

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