Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers: Patrick Dempsey Says Superstorm Still Happening in Premiere
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers: Patrick Dempsey Says Superstorm Still Happening in Premiere

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 kicks off with a two-hour premiere on Thursday, September 26, 2013 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC, and a huge spoiler about the action was just revealed.

According to star Patrick Dempsey (Derek Shepherd), the superstorm is alive and not-so-well at Grey Sloan Memorial in the premiere, he dished to The Huffington Post. “We start Season 10 where we left off in Season 9. It's still going on — it's the superstorm. It's been going on for months,” he revealed with a laugh, given the tragic environmental conditions of Seattle, yet again.

“Seattle, on our show, there's always something tragic happening, environmentally,” he pointed out, later adding, “We all laugh at the table reads, and somehow the [episodes] come together and it works.”

As for the fate of the hospital’s docs, Patrick doesn’t know much. When asked if they could ever kill off main couple Derek and Meredith, he said, “I don't know what they're going to do. I think it's interesting to see where we go this year and what happens.” However, he acknowledges that in the Grey’s world, “everybody’s dying or there’s a catastrophe!”

Don’t expect him to tune in to the premiere, though, or any episode for that matter. “I don't watch it anymore, no. I haven't watched it in a while,” he said. “I don't particularly like watching myself — that's one reason.”

Though he’s not watching himself, he’s been the center of attention for the past 24 hours. At the 2013 Television Critics Association Press Tour, he dissed the show, noting that it’s “exhausting” to tell the same stories over and over and that he’d rather be racing than acting. While he’s since cleared up the first batch of comments, he stands by that he “would race full-time” if he could. Additionally, he has a “couple other ideas for documentaries” (in addition to Racing Le Mans, his Velocity docu-series) and wants to produce, but not direct.

Could that be on Grey’s, or maybe even other Shonda Rhimes-helmed show Scandal? Only time will tell, but for now, we’ll just keep our fingers crossed that he stays at Grey Sloan Memorial until it shuts its doors for the inevitable series finale.

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Source: The Huffington Post