Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Spring Premiere Sneak Peek: Jo Answers Alex’s Proposal!
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Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Spring Premiere Sneak Peek: Jo Answers Alex’s Proposal!

Alex (Justin Chambers) has never been great with words, but we’re certain he popped the question to girlfriend Jo (Camilla Luddington) in the Season 10 midseason finale of Grey’s Anatomy that aired all those weeks ago. Sure, we believe his exact question was “We’ll be together forever, right?”, but the tiny human doc certainly got his point across even if his phrasing was a little off.

How does Jo feel about Alex’s ill-phrased and ill timed inquiry? (He asked Jo about their future right after a big fight with his estranged dad, Jimmy.) Not great.

In a sneak peek of Season 10, Episode 13: “Take it Back”, courtesy of E! News, Jo questions whether or not Alex even asked to marry her. “Proposals usually end in ‘Will you marry me?’”, she points out. We hate to say it Alex, but she’s got you there.

Though Alex automatically assumes Jo is “walking out” on him, our girl brings up another good point: “We can’t get married just because you’re screwed up about your dad,” she quips, calling out Alex for popping the question in a moment of panic.

“I’m not ready,” Jo declares, noting that Alex’s proposal (if we can even call it that) was about grief and not love. Ouch.

And let’s not forget that before Alex asked Joe to marry him, they were both guests at April (Sarah Drew) and Matthew's wedding, which didn’t go very well considering Jackson (Jesse Williams) interrupted the ceremony to declare his love for the raven-haired doc. We’ve been told we’ll find out April’s response at the beginning of the episode, and we hope she realizes her true feelings for Jackson, because we need some good Grey’s couples news in the aftermath of Jo’s rejection.

Check out the sneak peek and tell us what you think: Is Jo making the right decision?

Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 10 Spring premiere is set to air on February 27 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: E! News