Grey’s Anatomy: New Season 10 Promo Asks If You’re Team Jackson or Team Matthew (VIDEO)
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: New Season 10 Promo Asks If You’re Team Jackson or Team Matthew (VIDEO)

We’re demanding a lot of answers from Grey’s Anatomy when it returns in February, but mainly, we need to know if April (Sarah Drew) leaves Matthew (Justin Bruening) at the altar for Jackson (Jesse Williams). In a new promo from the Grey’s Facebook, the show wants to know: Do you want April to #ChooseMatthew or #ChooseJackson?

We see pros and cons for either choice. Matthew is, in a lot of ways, the male version of April. And how adorable was that flash mob proposal? Of course, we’d never want to be proposed to via flash mob, but that’s totally April’s thing. April and Matthew’s values and ideals line up, and most importantly, they’re looking for the same things out of their lives, which is huge when considering a potential life mate.

And, you know, they’re kind of already in the middle of a wedding, so score one for convenience.

But then there’s Jackson. Okay, his timing isn’t the best. For two people who work (read: live) in the same hospital, he’s had multiple opportunities to confess his love to April that didn’t involve interrupting an adorable barn wedding — most notably when April specifically asked him to give her a reason not to marry Matthew.

But Jackson and April are so perfect for each other that we can’t ignore it. Yes, Matthew is the easy choice — he will obviously make her happy and provide an awesome life for her, which is something we should all look for in a spouse. But crazy, romantic, can’t-live-without-you love? That’s got Jackson’s name written all over it. He’s seen April at her worst, her best, and everything in between, and still wants to interrupt her wedding anyway.

We’ll let you make the final call, but if it’s up to us, April will totally #ChooseJackson. It’s always been him since day one for us!

So who will April choose: Jackson or Matthew? Check out the promo and cast your vote below!

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