Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: 3 Things We Want For April Kepner
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: 3 Things We Want For April Kepner

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 doesn’t premiere until this fall, but that doesn’t mean our favorite medical drama isn’t the No. 1 thing on our minds. We’re still reeling from the dramatic Season 9 finale, and we have a lot of feelings about what should happen when things pick up at Grey Sloan Memorial again.

Though we love everyone on the show, one character (and her on-again, off-again significant other) stands out in particular after a crazy season: April Kepner. When we last left her and maybe-beau Jackson Avery, we were unsure of where their relationship was headed after she got engaged, then proclaimed that she wanted Jackson. We’re as confused as he is, and hope this gets cleared up next season.

Read on to see what else we want to see from April, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

1. Pick Jackson, choose Jackson, love Jackson. There is no ship more frustrating than Japril. After finally hooking up and then starting to get together on a more serious level, April thought she was pregnant, Jackson proposed, and then when she found out she wasn’t, they broke up. She then moved on to sweet virginal paramedic Matthew, accepted his flash mob proposal, and then proclaimed her feelings for Jackson. Oy! Now that she has accepted she wants him, it’s time for them to just get together. Everyone knows they’re in love, so the sooner they embrace that (and each other), the better. See how happy MerDer ended up after seasons of issues? That could be you, Japril! That could be you.

2. Focus on her trauma skills — but first, pass the boards! When she’s not lovin’ on Jackson (which should really be always), April should focus on what she’s best at — trauma skills. Now that the ER is saved, we want to see more of her and Owen as a crack team in the emergency room, saving lives at every corner and impressing us with how, in spite of how fragile she seems, she can handle trauma like a pro. Seeing her hone her skills as a trauma surgeon would be a great arc for her in Season 10, but first she has to pass the boards! That storyline has been pushed aside, and realistically, it needs to come out soon.

3. Work closely with the team more. Though Owen is technically her only “team” member in trauma, we’d love to see April interact and work with some of the other doctors. She’s teamed up with Derek and Jackson before, but overall, she’s kind of a lone wolf. Though we’re not the biggest fan of the interns, we think she would be a great teacher, perhaps helping whip them into shape and even sway someone toward working in trauma with her. There are endless possibilities for her — after she passes her boards, of course — and watching April branch out would be great.