Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: Where We Left Our Favorite Couples
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: Where We Left Our Favorite Couples

The Season 9 finale of Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9, Episode 24: “The Perfect Storm) was a total shocker in all the best ways. While the Seattle superstorm wreaked havoc on the hospital, the finale’s plot twists left its own path of destruction on some of our favorite couples, especially Calzona.

A little fuzzy on the details? We’ve got you covered. To get caught up before the two-hour Season 10 premiere, here’s where we left the couples of Grey’s Anatomy when the superstorm wreaked havoc on Seattle Grace Mercy West.

Meredith and Derek

Our fave proud parents had the least dramatic ending we could hope for last season — in Shondaland, anyway. After a few nail-biting moments when Meredith went into labor as the hospital lost power (and subsequently had a splenectomy in the dark), brand new baby Bailey Shepherd was brought into the world a little prematurely and no worse for the wear. We can’t wait to see the happy family in action… although we don’t expect them to stay happy for long.

Cristina and Owen

Crowen have been on and off for two seasons now — together and not together, married and then divorced, but still acting like married people at the same time? We’re confused, too. They wanted it to work (and so did we), but there was one big issue they couldn’t ignore that really came to light in Season 9: The Baby Thing. Owen wants kids, and Cristina has obviously never been cut out for the mommy life, and that’s a dealbreaker. After Owen came thisclose to adopting Ethan, the patient he grew close with toward the end of the season, Cristina finally understood how important being a dad was to him and did the honorable thing: ended their relationship for once and for all. Despite Owen’s best efforts to keep her, season 9 ended with Cristina walking away for good.

And a happy ending for these two seems pretty impossible now that we know season 10 is Sandra Oh’s final year as Cristina Yang… and Kevin McKidd’s recent statement that he will be staying on after the season ends was the final nail in their coffin. We hope we get to see them both find love before Cristina splits!

Arizona and Callie

If anything broke our heart in the finale more than Richard’s electrocution, it was watching the disintegration of Calzona right in front of our eyes. In case you’ve forgotten (or tried to block it out of your heads like we have), after spending the season struggling with accepting life without her leg, Arizona cheated with visiting surgeon Lauren. In the finale, Callie finds out, resulting in a seriously difficult to watch fight scene.

So what’s their fate? We want to see Callie and Arizona move past this, but we know it’ll be a long road to recovery... if it happens. According to recent spoilers, we already know that a reunion is possible, but Arizona and Callie both have a lot of things to work through — Arizona’s still angry that Callie amputated her leg, and Callie’s obviously betrayed by Arizona’s affair.

Jackson and April

Japril is so meant to be that we were shocked it took them all season to realize it, but it seems like maybe in Season 10 they’ll get a little closer to happiness together than ever before. We were super excited when April and beau Matthew got engaged after only the most adorable proposal we’ve ever seen — they were pretty much made for each other.

But despite her shiny new ring, April just couldn’t get Jackson off her mind… and we squealed when she told him so in the finale. So what happens next? We can’t wait to find out, but we’re hoping it includes Japril riding off into the sunset. Not too likely, though — there are repercussions for their feelings for each other, especially since they’ve admitted them while they’re both in relationships with other people.

Jo and Alex

We weren’t fans of the new interns right off the bat, and we’ll admit it — we still aren’t crazy about all of them. But we loved spunky intern Jo Wilson right off the bat, so when we noticed she and Alex had crazy chemistry, we wanted them together right away! And if the season 9 finale is any indication, we might finally be getting our wish.

Alex and Jo were a total will they, won’t they relationship for most of the season. They obviously had feelings for each other, made even more perfect by the fact that they came from similar backgrounds, and finally got it together with a super romantic kiss in front of a fallen tree to seal the deal. Luckily, it seems like that kiss will lead to a real relationship in Season 10 — we can get on board with that!

What do you expect from your favorite couples in Grey’s Anatomy Season 10? Sound off below!

Catch the Season 10 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday, September 26, 2013, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.