Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: Will Lauren Be Back to Get Between Arizona and Callie?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: Will Lauren Be Back to Get Between Arizona and Callie?

On Grey’s Anatomy last season, the unthinkable happened to Calzona: Arizona cheated on wife Callie with visiting doctor Lauren, ultimately causing an epic blowout between the couple. In the Season 9 finale, all roads seemed to lead to divorce, or at the very least separation, as the couple had a screaming match about not only the infidelity, but residual issues post-plane crash and Arizona’s amputation.

So, what’s next for the beloved couple in Season 10? We know two things: the fallout won’t have an immediate resolution and, according to TVLine, Lauren will be out of the picture.

When a fan asked if Hilarie Burton would reprise her role as the seductive doc, the site said, “After snooping around some, I’m seeing no signs (yet) that lustful Dr. Lauren will be back.”

Though we love Hilarie as an actress and the cheating was certainly an unexpected twist to the storyline, we think Callie and Arizona’s relationship is complicated enough now — we don’t need this “other woman” to stick around. However, if she does pop back in, there are still ways for Lauren to be involved with the hospital without being Arizona’s new woman. The craniofacial specialist did come to Grey Sloan Memorial to save a baby, and with Arizona’s help, she did. She could be a great asset to the hospital if she does return.

Are you surprised Lauren won’t be returning next season? Sound off below.

Source: TVLine

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