Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: Will Webber Survive? Jason George Says… — Exclusive
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: Will Webber Survive? Jason George Says… — Exclusive

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 ended with Richard Webber’s life hanging in the balance. It’s hard to imagine Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital without the Chief. (We know Owen is technically Chief, but Dr. Webber will always be the Chief in our hearts!) But it turns out we’re not the only ones in the dark about Richard’s fate so are the stars of the ABC series.

“I love Jim Pickens. He’s always Chief in my mind. He’s the dad of the show! He can’t die,” Jason George [Ben Warren] told Wetpaint Entertainment while promoting his new ABC series, Mistresses. “Without question, I hope he’s OK. The beautiful thing is that Grey’s will always manage to get those tears from you one way or another. Shonda [Rhimes] is going to get that emotion out of you!”

However, Chief Webber isn’t the only character Jason hopes to see in Season 10; he’s hoping Bailey’s hubby Ben sticks around too. With Jason’s current role as Dominic on his new summer series Mistresses, will he have time to step back into Grey Sloan Memorial in Season 10?

“Actors just want to work with the best people we can get our hands on, so if ABC will let me play in a couple of different sandboxes, I am more than happy to come back,” Jason told Wetpaint. “I’m on Grey’s for as long as Shonda [Rhimes] will have me. Ben has been a hell of a lot of fun to play, and I think he’ll continue to be. I don’t think he’s going anywhere.”

And as Jason reminded us, he “was a fan of Grey’s” long before he donned the scrubs, so we’re sure he’ll find a way to make the scheduling work. After all, given Richard’s health scare, Bailey [Chandra Wilson] is going to need Ben more than ever in Season 10. She’s still dealing with her guilt from the staph infection that killed multiple patients, and now her mentor’s life is hanging in the balance?

“It would destabilize [Bailey’s] world for sure if Ben didn’t come back, and she’s been in the thick of it recently,” he said. “They threw Chandra some really great stuff in the last few episodes of the season. She had a hard time, and Ben had to bring her back a little bit.”

Grey’s fans, get ready for more incredible acting from Chandra next season. And hopefully, Ben will be by Bailey’s side during the storm’s aftermath.

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