American Idol Season 13 Canceled? Say It Ain’t So!
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American Idol Season 13 Canceled? Say It Ain’t So!

If you’ve been paying attention to American Idol news as of late, you might be thinking the same thing we are: the end is nigh. First came news that Fox President Chase Carey said the show is “winding down,” and will only return in a limited capacity in the future. News has since emerged that the UK has ended its Idol run... smack dab in the middle of Season 13. Talk about shocking!

According to Digital Spy (via Yahoo!), Idol has mysteriously disappeared from UK channel 5’s viewing schedule. The network had broadcast the beginning of the current season but only up until the big Top 12 reveal.

A spokesperson for 5* confirmed that they won’t be running any shows beyond that for now, but did say the show will return in the summer.

The powers that be at Idol in the US aren’t against making mid-season changes either. You might recall they tried to switch out Mariah Carey for current judge Jennifer Lopez last season, but were stymied by Team Mariah. Drama, drama, drama!

Another thing we know is that the show’s ratings have been in a freefall for a few seasons now, which was why Chase Carey called for a reduction in Idol’s scope.

What do you think –– should American Idol continue or call it quits after (or during!) Season 13? Weigh in below!

: Yahoo!

03.12.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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