Harry Connick, Jr: What Do American Idol Season 13 Contestants Think of Him?
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Harry Connick, Jr: What Do American Idol Season 13 Contestants Think of Him?

Harry Connick, Jr. hasn’t had an easy road of it this year as the newest judge on American Idol. He spent most of the on-the-road audition rounds telling people that yes, he is in fact famous, and now that we’re into Live Shows, poor HCJ gets booed at least once or twice an episode.

So while America’s verdict may still be out about good ole Harry, what do the Season 13 contestants make of their sometimes harshest critic? Um, they love him because obviously.

A handful of the Idol hopefuls recently chatted up People about how Harry Connick, Jr. makes them feel and even burley Ben Briley had something nice to say.

“Harry is extremely knowledgeable as an artist and a composer. I would rather him tell me what I did wrong than what I did right,” Ben explained. “If it was me I wouldn’t boo because usually he knows exactly what he is talking about.”

Kristen O’Connor agreed, telling the magazine she greatly respects any feedback Harry has. “I am classically trained and I know he really knows a lot about music so I appreciate that,” she said. “I love that what he says is all about the music.”

We do, too, particularly the parts that make fellow judge Jennifer Lopez’s eyes roll back in her head.

Source: People

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