American Idol Season 13 Finale: Whose Coronation Song Was Best?
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American Idol Season 13 Finale: Whose Coronation Song Was Best?

An American Idol season finale has three main ingredients. First, tears and lots of 'em. Second, confetti, to stick to the tears. And third, coronation songs.

It’s a fancy name for good reason. This is the song that is suppose to jettison the Idol champion from reality TV star winner to full-fledged music industry titan. Does it work? Not always but there’s a 100 percent chance the original tune will be stuck in your head by the end of Wednesday night’s grand conclusion.

Tonight the two remaining Season 13 contestants, Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene, took to the stage one final time to perform for America. They’ve had five months to plead their case to the masses as to why they deserve the Idol title but if this season’s taught us anything, it’s how short the country’s memory can be. No matter how well Caleb and Jena may each have been faring before tonight, it comes down to this episode and these songs.

So which coronation tune was the best? Caleb sang “As Long As You Love Me” while Jena sang a little ditty called “We Are One.” Fairly well-matched numbers, if you ask us, but the win clearly went to Caleb. While that is no means indicative that he will take the title tomorrow night, it’s a pretty positive sign things are looking good.

Do you agree with us or do think Jena
had the stronger crowning performance? Watch the videos below, then hit those comments and let your voice be heard!

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