American Idol

American Idol Season 13 Finalists Go to Prom Together (VIDEO)

Barely a week has passed since America crowned its newest American Idol but we already have big news to celebrate! After a whirlwind five months of competition, finalist Jena Irene Asciutto and new champ Caleb Johnson made time for an extra special trip: They went to prom together!

Jena, a high school student from Farmington Hills, Michigan, asked Caleb to be her prom date way back in the middle of the Idol season. Little did anyone know it would end up being Jena and Caleb in the Top 2 with the 23-year-old Tennessee native eventually taking home the title.

Despite Caleb beating out Jena for the final spot, things still seem hunky-dory between the two, who were best of buds throughout the season. E! News got photos of the couple spruced up to attend Jena’s big night back at school. Fun fact: The dress Jena wore is actually the same one she planned to wear last year until a “mean guy” made her change her mind about attending the night’s festivities.

While Caleb and Jena insist they’re platonic (probably for the best since she’s just 17), we think they make quite the good-looking pair. Hopefully they ran into that mean guy from Jena’s past and Caleb showed him what a real gentleman looks like.

Watch the video above to hear the celeb crushes of these two new stars. Maybe they’ll actually get to meet them now!