Huge American Idol Season 13 News! Google and Facebook Offer Real-Time Voting!
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Huge American Idol Season 13 News! Google and Facebook Offer Real-Time Voting!

If you go to Google one of your favorite American Idol contestants from the Top 13 tonight while watching the show, you’ll catch a glimpse of the latest and most cutting-edge way to vote in all of the show’s 13 seasons.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, now that the series’s 12-year relationship with AT&T has ended, Idol has partnered with internet giants Google and Facebook to provide voting in real time. What’s next? Ryan Seacrest showing up as a hologram?

We kid, we kid, but this is big, folks. As THR points out, it’s not only a first for Idol but it’s a first for the TV industry as a whole. Built by Google, this new voting capability is super interactive, allowing fans to virtually hang with like-minded folks throughout the episode. You can choose your favorite contestants and, once you do, you can share your votes on Google+, follow your faves, and chitchat with other fans by using Google Hangouts.

As usual, Mark Zuckerberg also has his far-reaching hand in the cookie jar. Facebook comes into play with the all-new real-time voting window. The new window will open at the beginning of the show, which allows viewers to track trends and see how their faves are doing throughout the episode. Of course, we Left Coasters lose out, as only fans on the East Coast get to see how their votes affect the trends. Still, super cool and just think how this could change how votes go!

What do you think of these new features? Will you partake tonight? Sound off in the comments!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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