American Idol 2014 Recap: Season 13 Top 11 Elimination — March 13, 2014
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American Idol

American Idol 2014 Recap: Season 13 Top 11 Elimination — March 13, 2014

First off, are you loving or hating this newly scheduled 9 p.m. time slot? It's kind of taking a little bit of time to adjust to, right? Well, no matter when American Idol airs we know one thing: Thursday nights are rough.

Tonight Season 13 goes from the Top 11 to the Top 10, which is important for a couple different reasons. First, we're one step closer to the finale. Second, the Top 10 are the contestants who get to go on that super cool American Idol tour this summer. It's like a consolation prize for those remaining wannabe winners who won't be crowned the sole champion in May.

Also on tonight a special performance by Harry Connick, Jr. The sexy Southern will leave his spot at the judging panel to show us what American Idols are really made of. We hope the contestants brought along pen and paper to take notes. Or, you know, to sketch HCJ in all his glory like we will be. We're fully expecting Harry's fellow judges Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban to burst out in tears during his performance. Host Ryan Seacrest would too if it wouldn't ruin his eye makeup.

Tune in to Fox tonight at that new time, 9 p.m., to see which contestants will be hitting the road this summer and who is heading home now. As usual, we'll have a live recap going of the whole thing so you can follow right along all episode long.

Live Recap Begins!

It's time to say goodbye to a member of the Top 11 tonight! It's a bigger elimination night than usual, because everyone who makes it in to the Top 10 tonight gets to hit the road with this year's American Idol tour. So who will we see live and in concert this time around? We're about to find out!

First up to find out their fates: CJ Harris, Dexter Roberts, and Caleb Johnson. We've got a good feeling about all of them, but how'd America vote? All three guys are moving on to the Top 10! No surprise there.

Next up: MK Nobilette, Ben Briley, Majesty Rose, and Malaya Watson. MK and Malaya both gave incredibly strong performances last night, and we loved what Ben and Majesty did, too, although the judges weren't necessarily impressed. This time around, Malaya and MK are safe while Ben and Majesty are both in the bottom three and are at risk of going home this week. Yikes!

As for the final round of the elimination? Jess Meuse, despite her less than stellar performance last night, has made it through, along with Alex Preston and Jena Irene Asciutto. Sam Woolf will be rounding out the bottom three, which means next, we get to find out who's going home. Can we just stall this a little bit longer for another Harry Connick, Jr. performance? No? Okay. Well, here's what he did tonight if we need a reminder.

We seriously can't believe Ben Briley was voted out! If we were the judges, we'd decide to use our save tonight — we've liked this guy since the beginning! But we're not the judges, and Ben is, unfortunately, going home.

Now that we have our Top 10, we officially know who's going on tour — and we get to hear them sing songs from the top of the Billboard charts next week. See you Wednesday at 8 p.m. as usual!

03.13.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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