American Idol 2014 Recap: Season 13 Top 4 Perform — May 7, 2014
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American Idol 2014 Recap: Season 13 Top 4 Perform — May 7, 2014

Welcome to May and welcome to American Idol Season 13 finale month! We've got so few contestants left. Honestly, take a good minute and look at that photo up there. Where'd everybody go?!

With just the Top 4 remaining in the running for the Season 13 crown, you can bet the competition is reaching new levels of stress and, for us non-contestants, new levels of excitement. Last week was a particular nail-biter what with that whole "we could save you maybe" twist. As we know, though, the Top 5 didn't vote unanimously on the keep one last week, send two home this week initiative and so Sam Woolf was sent home. Think the judges' save was wasted on the Florida cutie seeing as he didn't win the whole thing? We'd hate to be that jaded but feel free to tell us your own thoughts in the comments below.

Enough living in the past, though. Tonight Alex Preston, Jess Meuse, Caleb Johnson, and Jena Irene Asciutto will compete. Each will sing two solos (we've already heard what might be the evening's song choices) and then it's up to us, America, to decide who makes that very important benchmark of the American Idol Top 3.

Check back here once the two-hour show gets going at 8 p.m. on Fox for all the details, including videos of the night's performances!

Live Recap Starts Now!
Only four contestants left — scary, right? Feels like just yesterday we were meeting these guys for the first time during Hollywood Week, and now, we're only two weeks away from finding out which of them will be our 13th American Idol winner. (Although, if Ryan Seacrest keeps beating the selfie thing to death, we may be ready to check out sooner rather than later.)

Tonight, each contestant is taking on three songs each, which is crazy! It's all about love — breaking up, making up, and everything in between. Let's get ready to see the performances that will help us decide who makes it to the Top 3!

Caleb Johnson
: "You Give Love a Bad Name" — Bon Jovi
Unsurprising that Caleb's decided to give us one of the most powerful classic rock songs ever, right? We could do without the new hair-in-the-face look, but the song's good! It's inevitable at this point that Caleb will knock any rock performance out of the park.

Jessica Meuse
: "Since U Been Gone" — Kelly Clarkson
Jess is brave for taking on a song by the very first Idol winner, but she has a big voice like Kelly's, so she can handle it, right? Something's off, though — we're not sure if it's with the mic or with Jess. Unfortunately, the judges agree. J.Lo says although she did "feel" Jess in it, but it just wasn't the right song for her. "There's a difference between the heightened performance and what's in your brain," Harry advises. "You have to do something to show [your feelings] more." Good thing she has two more chances to impress the audience tonight!

Alex Preston
: "Too Close" — Alex Clare
Alex Preston, you have done it again! Not only has he been impeccably choosing the correct songs for his vocal range, but he's been rocking them every time. More and more each week, Alex convinces us he may very well have this thing in the bag. Harry's theory on why he's so good? He takes apart every song he performs and builds it back up in his own style. So true — nobody's been better all along at taking any given song and making it their own as Alex has.

Jena Irene Asciutto
: "Heartbreaker" — Pat Benatar
Jena, don't you worry about that ex-boyfriend who broke your heart — he's kicking himself right now! How is it possible that she hasn't even graduated high school yet and she's so crazy talented?! As J.Lo said, she controlled herself well through the song when it would've been easy to go too over the top. Harry, though, would prefer to see her use more emotion as the driving force behind her performance.

Caleb Johnson
: "Travelin' Band" — Creedence Clearwater Revival
Is it bad that we're getting bored of watching Caleb perform? Nothing personal — he's totally talented, no doubt about that — but we feel like his big, loud performances are the same old song and dance... literally. Regardless, J.Lo's getting her chair dance on from the judging area, and he gets unsurprisingly great reviews. We wouldn't give him bad feedback, we just wish he'd change it up a bit from time to time!

Jessica Meuse
: "So What" — Pink
Jess is going so poppy tonight. We're surprised! It's definitely a change of pace, and she gave a lot of good energy during this performance that the judges were asking her for, but her attempt at "So What" falls flat. It sounds more like karaoke than a performance from a Top 4 contestant, and all three judges agree.

Jena Irene Asciutto
: "Bad Romance" — Lady Gaga
We'll admit that we groaned a little when we heard that Jena had chosen this song to perform tonight, but now that she's started singing, we don't hate it! She's done a great job of making it her own, and it almost sounds like a new song. There are few voices who can follow up a Lady Gaga song, but Jena's got the kind that pulls it off. So what do the judges think? Keith says it's "really, really good," and J.Lo calls her "a force to be reckoned with." Go Jena!

Alex Preston
: "I'm Yours" — Jason Mraz
Alex is taking on one of his idol's most popular singles, and once again, it's a home run. And how sweet is it that his girlfriend (who he dedicated the song to) is in the audience?! So how'd Alex do? Did he break out J.Lo's goosies for the first time tonight? No mention of the goosies is made, but J.Lo says she "loves watching you do what you do," although she wants Alex to surprise us in a way so that he goes "big" enough to compete with Jena and Caleb. Harry says he wishes he would have seen him make the song more his with the "Alex spin," but we like it!

Caleb Johnson
: "Maybe I'm Amazed" — Paul McCartney
Finally, Caleb changes it up! Instead of rocking out, Caleb's singing a slow love song — wait, is this the first time all season we've experienced this? It might be. He still kicks major butt, hitting every high note flawlessly. Way to go, man!

Jess Meuse
: "You and I" — Lady Gaga
Finally, Jess is choosing a song that — as J.Lo always likes to say — "is in her wheelhouse." This is her best performance all night, and we finally see the Jess we know is a contender in this competition. Will it be enough to save her after two not so good performances? We'll find out tomorrow night!

Jena Irene Asciutto
: "Can't Help Falling in Love With You" — Elvis Presley
We. Are. Speechless. After her two huge performances tonight, Jena brings out the big guns: A slow, powerful ballad that proves Jena can both sing and play piano masterfully... and J.Lo is slow blown away she actually gets up from her seat and walks on stage to hug and kiss Jena. And Harry? He's blown away too, which might be a first for him. "Very simply put, it was incredible," Harry says. It might be too close to call, but it's possible this performance could seal her place in the voters' hearts and win her this competition.

Alex Preston
: "Yellow" — Coldplay
Alex is closing out the show with an acoustic version of one of our favorite Coldplay songs ever, and definitely doesn't disappoint. "It was the perfect song," J.Lo says. "I think you're integral to this competition." And we agree, although we disagree that the judges keep telling Alex he "needed that" performance. We didn't see anything wrong with his other two performances of the night... and neither did the cheering audience. Hmm.

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