American Idol 2014 Recap: Season 13 Top 5 Perform — April 30, 2014
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American Idol

American Idol 2014 Recap: Season 13 Top 5 Perform — April 30, 2014

It's the last day of April and that's important for one major reason: Starting tomorrow, we are officially in the month that American Idol Season 13 draws to a close. Crazy, right?

Even crazier? The fact that there are just five contestants left in the running. Five! That's one hand, guys! It's already been painful to get the competition down to the Top 5; we have no idea how we'll make it through to crown the final winner.

But make it through we shall. We've already made our bet on who we think might take home this year's title. What do you think? Right on the money or way off the mark?

As for tonight's two-hour episode, a little bird told us what the contestants are singing. (Sidenote: Look at how few people are in that photo! Remember when they were crowded just to make the frame?) It's our choice tonight so if we don't like the song picks, we've got no one to blame but ourselves (or, you know, the internet).

Be sure to check back with us fellow dedicated Idol fans tonight at 8 p.m. when the show kicks off on Fox. We've got just a handful of evenings like this left. Let's make the most of it!

Live Recap Begins Here!
This week's performance show kicks off with a bang — Zooey Deschanel is here! This is the best Idol opening all season. Sorry, we're huge New Girl fans. The name of the game tonight is Viewer's Choice, which means the Idols are performing songs viewers have requested... and since Jason Mraz is here to advise the contestants, maybe their performances will have a little extra kick this time around.

Alex Preston
: "Sweater Weather" — The Neighbourhood
Instead of mellowing out his song, Alex's rendition of "Sweater Weather" is a little amped up — and we like it! So does Keith, according to his constant head-bobbing. Now that we think about it, Alex's voice would probably work perfectly with any song by The Neighbourhood. Harry even notes that he sounds similar to the lead singer, and it's a good sign that he can hear a voice like his on the radio. Way to go, Alex!

Caleb Johnson
: "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" — Aerosmith
Is it just us, or is Caleb a little off tonight? Something is definitely missing from this performance of such a classic song, and we wish we hear more emotion from Caleb — just as Keith tells him. Caleb admits that he wouldn't choose this song for himself, though.

Sam Woolf
, Jena Irene Asciutto, and Alex Preston: "Best Day of My Life" — American Authors
What a nice change of pace to see Sam and Alex performing something upbeat... and dancing?! Are these the same guys we've seen all season?

Jess Meuse
: "Human" — Christina Perri
Coming off her strong performance of Dolly Parton's "Jolene" last week, Jess is bringing out the big guns once again. She's giving some of her best vocals of the season, and we're genuinely impressed by how much she's seemed to grow after weeks of Idol bootcamp. Harry wasn't crazy about her performance, but he has noticed an improvement — and Keith and J.Lo agree.

Sam Woolf
: "Sing" — Ed Sheeran
After a little bit of mic problems, everything gets sorted out... by Ariana Grande, Sam's celeb crush! How adorable is Sam going in for those extra hugs?! They'd make such a good couple. But anyway, back to the music — we're super excited to hear some Ed Sheeran from Sam again. As it turns out, Ariana might have been the missing ingredient to Sam's stage presence, because after meeting her, he gives what we think is, hands down, his best performance of the entire season. Go, Sam!

Jena Irene Asciutto
: "My Body" — Young The Giant
Jena's performance tonight is one of the best, and if you don't believe us, let us paint a picture for you: Keith gives her a standing ovation, and Harry actually has a smile on his face. J.Lo and Harry point out that she'll be thankful for the little things she does to make the songs her own — like dancing and calling out to the audience — later on down the line.

Also, we've just noticed that between J.Lo's makeup and dress, she looks like the living embodiment of spring. That's all.

Jess Meuse
& Caleb Johnson: "Beast of Burden" — Rolling Stones
We have to say, we like this performance way better than Caleb's earlier stab at Aerosmith — this one is just so much more him. And his voice paired with Jessica's is surprisingly awesome.

Alex Preston
: "Say Something" — A Great Big World
Okay, we thought we loved Alex's "Sweater Weather" performance, but this time around? His talent is totally blowing us out of the water! We like his vocals better than the original song! The judges agree: Harry calls it "the performance of the night," and Keith actually thanks everyone in America for requesting that song.

Jena Irene Asciutto
: "Valerie" — Amy Winehouse
Jena looks awesome in her black and white dress, and her vocals? Also awesome. Jena and Amy Winehouse are a great match, although we doubt anything can top her earlier performance tonight.

Sam Woolf
: "How to Save a Life" — The Fray
Sam takes the stage for the third time tonight — Idol's making these guys do so much extra work! Sam's showing so much more confidence tonight and we love it. His vocals are strong, and he looks great in a hat.

Jess Meuse
: "Summertime Sadness" — Lana Del Rey
We never would have chosen a Lana Del Rey song for Jess, but as it turns out, she sounded incredible! As Harry says, it's a natural fit and it gave us a little something different to see than Jess and her guitar. These guys are killing it tonight!

Caleb Johnson
: "Still of The Night" — Whitesnake
Caleb is finally giving us what we would have wanted to see from his earlier Aerosmith performance. This classic rock perfection is what we love seeing from Caleb, complete with a massive scream at the end. J.Lo and Keith are loving every minute of it, and it's the perfect way to close out the night!

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