American Idol Romance! Which Two Season 13 Contestants Are Dating?
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American Idol

American Idol Romance! Which Two Season 13 Contestants Are Dating?

If we didn’t know better, we’d say American Idol was taking a cue from another major reality TV entertainment franchise, The Bachelor. Buckets full of roses have yet to make an appearance on Idol (though, for the record, Ryan Seacrest could totally take Chris Harrison in a fight) but we hear love’s bloomed on set. Two Season 13 contestants are dating!

To make matters even more interesting, one of these two is no longer on the show, having lost her bid for Season 13 stardom during Rush Week. So who’s the happy couple? Okay, okay. We’ll stop teasing. It’s Jillian Jensen and Alex Preston!

Our social media sleuthing turned up the hush-hush romance during last night’s two-hour episode.

Finally w/my loves @sierradeaton alexkinsey cheerin' on my babe @realalexpreston,” Jillian messaged during the show. (And, by the by, that Sierra and Alex she refers to just happens to be the Alex & Sierra who recently won now-defunct Fox show The X Factor.)

While Alex isn’t in the black and white photo — he was, you know, kinda busy performing for America’s votes — Jill’s term of endearment tips us off that she and the band geek sweetie may be more than just friends. Further investigation uncovers a couple of sweet selfies of the two together on both Alex’s Instagram and Jill’s.

OMG! American Idol romance, you guys!

Sources: Jill Jensen on Instagram, Alex Preston on Instagram

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