American Idol 2014 Recap: Season 13 Winner Crowned — May 21, 2014
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American Idol

American Idol 2014 Recap: Season 13 Winner Crowned — May 21, 2014

Confetti at the ready? Tonight we crown our American Idol 2014 Season 13 winner. Will it be Caleb Johnson or Jena Irene Asciutto? We've already made our pick (and feel free to agree or disagree with us in the comments below).

But before we find out if Caleb or Jena will be singing their respective coronation single for real on the radio, we've got two hours of entertainment to sit back and enjoy. Yes, that's right. Tonight's episode is twice as long as last night's round of performances. What's that mean? Probably tons and tons of guest stars and a nice long walk down memory lane as the Season 13 contestants reunite for one last celebration.

As hard as it may be, try to enjoy these 120 minutes. While Idol has been renewed for a Season 14 with host Ryan Seacrest and all three lovable judges — Harry Connick, Jr., Keith Urban, and Jennifer Lopez — signed up for the next installment, it likely won't be quite the spectacle as this year's show has been.

So that in mind, you ready to party? Grab the champagne, get your party hats ready, and have a box of tissues at hand (you know, just in case you can't fight back tears) and let's welcome the latest member to the American Idol winner's circle.

Check back with Wetpaint Entertainment tonight at 8 p.m. when the last episode of the thirteenth season begins on Fox.

Live Recap Starts Here!
Welcome to your destiny, Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene Asciutto! The pair starts off the night performing "We Will Rock You," which segues into "Just a Girl," which then segues into "It's Only Love." So, who's ready to admit that only one person can win American Idol? Not us, but it's the way the game works... and it's a cruel, cruel game. Ryan looks pretty snazzy for the event — who doesn't love a guy in a tux and bowtie? And as for our lovely judges? They don't look so bad themselves. Wait, Keith Urban is not wearing a t-shirt? Have we stepped into some alternate reality?

Who cares? J.Lo looks fabulous. Like a human disco ball.

Judging by the scream poll Ryan takes, it sounds like the crowd is just a bit louder for Caleb. Can we just fast forward to the end of the episode, where we find out what actually happens? No? Oh.

Sam Woolf
: "Home" — Phillip Phillips
Our old friend Sam is back, and so is Season 11 winner Phillip Phillips! Oh Sam, how we've missed you! And you sound fabulous... you know, 'til Phillip took the stage and pretty much took over for you. Those pesky Idol winners. Total stage hogs. But it's still an awesome performance, and we can tell J.Lo feels the same. We love when she lip synchs along with the performances with such conviction.

Jess Meuse
and Jennifer Nettles: "Wrecking Ball" — Miley Cyrus
Here's a curveball: #JenniferAndJess are breaking out the Miley Cyrus for their duet. We never would have expected Jess to be a Miley kind of girl. Who do we think chose this song?

Jennifer Lopez: "First Love"
J.Lo is here to show everybody how it's done! After being introduced by a velvet-clad Harry Connick Jr., his fellow judge takes the stage in a little bit of sparkly fringe and not much else. Um, can we look this good when we're 44? She's still Jenny From The Block, guys. Do. Not. Forget.

Caleb Johnson
& KISS: "Love Gun," "Shout it Out Loud"
Pretty much as soon as Caleb first opened his mouth to sing, we knew that if he made it this far, a KISS collaboration was in his future. Our only disappointment? Caleb's not also in full face paint. Because how great would that be? Also, this performance is totally worth it when you consider how excited Harry is over there at the judges' booth. You know who did show up in face paint? Caleb's brother, Houston, who appears to be more excited about this performance than Caleb is!

The Guys of Idol and Aloe Blacc: "I'm The Man"
Okay, wait, this collab is actually adorable. Not only is it making us all nostalgic for the cast-offs from earlier in the season, but it's such a solid performance. Why aren't we in the audience tonight?!

The Idol Girls & Demi Lovato: "Neon Lights" and "Really Don't Care"
We are always willing to welcome Demi Lovato on to the Idol stage. Welcome back, ladies! Have we mentioned we really wish we were in the audience? Everyone is having so much fun! We can't ignore how nervous we are about finding out who wins, though. Can we just get that part over with?!

Jena Irene Asciutto
& Paramore: "Ain't It Fun"
Jena, get ready for all of your dreams to come true. Whether she wins or not tonight, she's leaving with two things: a Mustang and the memories of having performed with her favorite band. This brings us so much joy to see how excited she is to sing with Hayley Williams... and the massive yellow balloons look like giant balls of sunshine. If only Jena could be judged based on this performance!

Malaya Watson
and John Legend: "All of Me"
Legendary much?! Malaya is getting the chance of a lifetime as she gets to perform the song we hear nonstop on the radio with the man himself: John Legend. And Malaya actually sounds amazing. So jealous!

Jason Mraz and Alex Preston: "Love Someone"
Okay, in our opinion, Alex should definitely be here tonight competing, not just performing. But since that's not happening, we get the next best thing: Alex performing with his absolute number one idol, and it is awesome to watch. Please, Alex. Please release an album. ASAP.

Darius Rucker, Dexter Roberts, and CJ Harris: "Alright"
Hootie has entered the building. Finally, someone from Keith's neck of the woods! And CJ and Dexter are obviously loving the chance to get all country on the Idol stage all over again. Here's our idea for next season: Every song is performed with a popular musician. Oh, that's both impossible and way too expensive?

Randy Jackson, Harry Connick Jr., Keith Urban, and Jennifer Lopez: "True Colors," "Go Your Own Way"
After Ryan Seacrest brought the house down, we are so ready for the judges (plus mentor Randy) to join together to perform. It's almost enough to distract us from the fact that the final decision about who wins is less than ten minutes away. This medley is giving us major Glee vibes, though. And we would like to borrow J.Lo's dress, please.

Aaaaand... our results!
The big moment has finally arrived. Um, is it weird if we say that now that we're about to find out who the winning Idol is, we don't want to know? The nerves! They're too much!

But Ryan Seacrest doesn't care about our feelings much, so we're going to find out the winner anyway. And now, for the big reveal? Dim the lights and here we go!

Our official 2014 American Idol is... Caleb Johnson! Congrats to Caleb AND Jena, who are both insanely talented and are sure to be successful. We can't wait to see what Caleb and Jena's futures in music will bring!