Dancing With the Stars 2013 Finals: Stars Talk Freestyles
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013 Finals: Stars Talk Freestyles

This is it! The final four couples of Dancing With the Stars Season 16 have huge challenges to face on Monday, May 20 and Tuesday, May 21, but this time next week there will be silence in those rehearsal studios. Before the post-Finals nostalgia sets in, take a look at what the final four are planning for their last dances.

We all know the Freestyles — now Super-Sized Freestyles — are considered the make-or-break routines, so see what you can make of these teases.

UPDATE: ABC shared details on the four rounds of dancing that will take place Monday and Tuesday. It sounds like the 24 Hour Challenge is more of an Instant Dance: "In the Monday’s two-hour performance show, the remaining couples will compete in three rounds of dance. In the first round, each couple will take on a new routine in a dance style that the judges would like to see again. In round two, the couples will be challenged to a Cha Cha relay, where each pair dances to a different section of the same song. In the last round -- and one of the biggest competitive dances of the season -- the couples take on a supersized freestyle featuring special effects, additional dancers and unexpected surprises." On Tuesday, "the fourth-place couple will be eliminated within the first hour of the show, and in a final element of the competition, the three remaining couples will perform a new routine in an 'Instant Dance' – where they will tackle a style they know, but to music given to them for the first time live on television. This routine will be scored out of 30 and will round out the judges’ scores across both nights."

Aly Raisman & Mark Ballas

In her Parade.com blog, Aly wrote, "Next Monday, we have the Samba and the Cha-Cha Challenge with the other three couples, Freestyle, and the 24-Hour Challenge, so this week is a lot of dances, but I’m really excited. It’s the last time we have to perform out there, so it’s sad because I’ve been having so much fun. I just want to make the most of these next few days and enjoy it."

In case you’ve forgotten, the 24-Hour Challenge — which debuted on Season 14 — gives the finalists 24 hours to pair their dance style of choice to music given to them after Monday night’s show. Aly told On the Red Carpet she wasn't sure what Mark had planned for their Freestyle — he wasn’t there to share details — but she said their music is "awesome." It has no lyrics. They had never heard it before but when they first heard it together, their minds were just blown.

Zendaya Coleman & Valentin Chmerkovskiy

Val was already busy choreographing their next dances, so Zendaya was also solo when talking to On the Red Carpet after the Semifinals Results Show show. What could she tease about their Freestyle? "I just know it's going to be very upbeat and fun, and I don't want to just do — you know, people think I'm just going to do Hip Hop. There'll be a second of Hip Hop but I want to incorporate stuff that I've actually learned throughout this process." Zendaya also tweeted, “@carrieanninaba can't wait to redo the samba and make it perfect!!"

Kellie Pickler
& Derek Hough

Derek was apparently late in arriving to talk to OTRC after Tuesday’s show. He was busy brainstorming. "As of now, what I have planned in my mind is not my usual Freestyle approach," Derek said. "I'm much more about the [does jazz hands] ba-ba-ba-ba-ba!, but with [Kellie] she's become such a great dancer and I almost want to just show that, you know what I mean? I was just now — that's why I'm late, 'cause I was at home literally by myself just sitting there, hitting my head against the wall going 'OK...' trying to figure it out." He wants to make the "wow" moments come from the dancing and not in, like, a big production number.

Jacoby Jones
& Karina Smirnoff

What will be so special about their Freestyle? "I think he is the special part of this Freestyle," Karina told OTRC. "We're going to celebrate everything that Jacoby is, where he's from, what he's about, and that Freestyle is going to be the explosion of his personality. So he is our secret weapon."

Whose dances are you most excited to see on Monday and Tuesday?

Catch the Dancing With the Stars Season 16 finale on Monday, May 20, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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