Dancing With the Stars 2013 Finale: Samba Relay
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013 Finale: Samba Relay

On the Dancing With the Stars 2013 finale, the final four contestants and pros danced the Samba Relay where each pair danced to a different section of the song. Lucky for all of the '90s lovers out there, the Samba relay was accompanied by hip hop group TLC who performed their classic hit “No Scrubs.”

Len said it was clean and no one messed up, but one couple in particular nailed it. He also said that one couple lacked rhythm. Bruno said it was crazy, sexy, cool, and hot and that we'll have to wait for the verdict. Carrie Ann said Corbin blew everyone away, Amber nailed the moves, Jack and Cheryl made a come back, and that Bill had a nice transition.


4th place (2 points): Bill and Emma

3rd place (3 points): Jack and Cheryl

2nd place (4 points): Amber and Derek

1st place: (5 points) Corbin and Karina