Dancing With the Stars Season 17 Premiere: Did the Judges Overscore?
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Season 17 Premiere: Did the Judges Overscore?

Despite some harsh words for everyone's favorite Science Guy, the Dancing With the Stars judges seemed to be in shockingly good moods during the Season 17 premiere. Not only did they have kind comments — and in Carrie Ann's case, occasionally tears — for almost everyone, but their paddles reflected their praise. They were throwing 8s around like it was Week 5, and we even saw some 9s pulled. Were they a little too generous with the high scores?

It's hard to argue that this isn't a strong cast. Heck, it might even be the strongest ever. That said, we couldn't help but feel like the judges were overhyping things just a bit, perhaps as a way to boost excitement in the wake of the show's formatting changes (the results show has gone the way of the dinos, in case you've somehow managed to avoid the news).

It started from dance one. Yummy Brant Daugherty certainly did a solid job for his first time out on the dance floor, but Len of all people giving him an eight? In Week 1? For a decent but not mindblowing performance? Have we entered some kind of alternate universe?

That first eight set the tone for the night, with five other dancers earning at least one eight, and Amber Riley pulling in three nines. We repeat: Three. Nines. She was definitely really good, but the only other person to score that high in the first week was Kristi Yamaguchi back in Season 6, and we don't think Amber quite matched her.

What do you think: Were the judges being too generous, or are we off the mark?

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