Dancing With the Stars Season 17: Are Too Many of the Stars Trained Dancers?
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Season 17: Are Too Many of the Stars Trained Dancers?

On almost every Dancing With the Stars season there's one star who gets branded a "ringer" because he or she (let's be real: normally she) has past dance training. Some fans love seeing stars who already have talent, while others complain passionately that it's not cool to pit complete amateurs against ballet beauties. We have a feeling this battle is going to come to a head during Season 17.

Last season, there was an outcry against Zendaya Coleman, because she's on a TV show that's about dancing. “It's unfair!” her detractors shouted on every message board they could find, which just made her fans rally around her more fiercely. This season, it feels like half the cast could be the new Zendaya.

The most obvious examples are Corbin Bleu and Elizabeth Berkley, both of whom have dance training and are known for roles that involved flaunting their skills — Corbin for High School Musical, and Elizabeth for the far less PG boobtacular stripper-extravaganza known as Showgirls, as well as her (short-lived) competitive dance reality show, Step It Up and Dance, where she also served as a choreographer.

While Elizabeth and Corbin are the most obvious examples, they aren't the only ones who arguably have more dance background than your average Mirror Ball contender. Amber Riley, though primarily an actress and singer, shook her stuff a fair amount on Glee, and hey, did you know Snooki used to be a gymnast and cheerleader? Plus, we all know she can get her groove on — club style.

So, we want to know: Are you bothered by the number of stars who are coming to the competition with a leg up in the dance department, or do you think it all evens out in the end? After all, dance training and ballroom training aren't the same thing...

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Catch the Dancing With the Stars Season 17 premiere on Monday, September 16, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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