Dancing With the Stars Season 17, Week 2: What to Expect
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Season 17, Week 2: What to Expect

Dancing With the Stars Season 17 heads into its second episode tonight (September 23, 2013). Not only will we get to watch this entire talented cast dance again, but we'll finally get to experience the new, doubly improved elementations.

What can you expect when you tune in tonight? We've gathered all of the info about Week 2 right here.

So, What's Up With the Eliminations? Confused about how eliminations work now that there's only one episode a week? Don't worry, we've got your back.

Here's the deal: Fan vote still makes up 50 percent of each pair's score each week, with judge vote making up the other 50 percent. However, the fan vote will be the vote from the week before, while the judges' votes will be from that night; those scores combined will decide who will go home that night.

So, for example, on Week 3 (next week), the score will be Fan Vote based on Week 2 (ie, what you vote tonight) plus Judge Vote based on Week 3. Those numbers combined will add up to someone going home at the end of the night. We'll see the new format in action tonight!

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