Dancing With the Stars Season 17 Week 5: Did Christina Milian Deserve to Go Home?
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Season 17 Week 5: Did Christina Milian Deserve to Go Home?

Every season Dancing With the Stars boasts at least one "shocking" elimination, and Season 17 filled the quota during Week 5, when Christina Milian was eliminated right after earning the first 10 of the season and landing on top of the leaderboard.

Christina ended up under the harsh red light despite her scores. She was in the bottom two with Leah Remini, the lowest scorer of the night (who may or may not have actually been the next in line for elimination, as we were continually reminded). While Christina had 28 points, Leah boasted only 22, but that wasn't enough to save Christina, who clearly wasn't pulling in much audience support.

We're conflicted about this elimination. On one hand, yeah, it sucks to see such a technically stronger dancer go home. On the other hand, this show has never been about just the dancing, and clearly Christina failed to connect with the audience. We'll admit we weren't exactly blindsided by her departure — despite her talent, her dances rarely stuck out in our minds, which is usually a bad sign around the middle of the season when all the dead weight has been eliminated.

What do you think: Did Christina deserve to go home for failing to connect, or should she have stayed on the strength of her dancing?

Catch the next episode of Dancing With the Stars Season 17 on Monday, October 21, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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