Dancing With the Stars 2013: Season 17, Week 6 Dance Styles Revealed
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013: Season 17, Week 6 Dance Styles Revealed

There doesn’t seem to be a special theme to Dancing With the Stars Season 17, Week 6, but we’re still excited to see what happens.

After the premiere, we had Latin Night, Hollywood Night, what was basically Julianne Hough Night, and then Most Memorable Year Night. Now it’s Week 6, and the final eight couples are dancing new routines, but maybe they’ll just create their own themes — like back in the “old” days!

The couples have dropped a few hints so far in post-show videos, so we’re slowly getting an idea of what they have planned. Here’s a look at who is dancing what, with updates to come.

Prepare for an "epic" dance! "We're so excited about next week," Karina told On the Red Carpet. "We're gonna do Viennese Waltz.”' Corbin jumped in, saying, "It's gonna be awesome. It's gonna be epic." Karina continued, "But our song is — exactly, epic. That's the only way to describe it." It sounds like they have a powerful, popular song. They are so pumped for this!

"We're doing the Paso Doble,” Cheryl told On the Red Carpet. “It's only his third Latin dance. He did a great Rumba, a not-so-great Cha-cha, so hopefully his Paso Doble will be good." Jack apparently has a man-crush on Corbin, too! When asked about other Pasos done this season, Jack said, "Well, the most memorable is Corbin's [in Week 4] and that was, like, perfect. I think when you die and go to heaven and angels do Paso Dobles, that's what it will look like. So it's slightly intimidating." But he told Cheryl she's not allowed to slap him like Karina slapped Corbin.

"We have the international Tango," Peta told On the Red Carpet, as opposed to the Argentine Tango. "So it will be ballroom hold, back to the very structured ballroom dances. So I think it will be good. It's a lot of aggression, a lot of fire." Peta also tweeted about how their team’s voting number was posted wrong at the end of this week’s show. Do you think that will hurt them at all?

"We're doing the Samba,” Derek told On the Red Carpet after Monday’s show. “Tonight we shook the top fun stuff,” he said, demonstrating with a shimmy. “Next week, we're gonna shake the bottom fun stuff,” he said while shaking his butt. Meanwhile, Amber just hid her face and laughed.

Bill told On the Red Carpet they're doing the Tango. "But the music," Emma began, before zipping her lips and telling Bill not to spoil it. "It's a Tango," Bill repeated, "but let me just say this: You're gonna love it."

Tony told On the Red Carpet they have Quickstep. “Which should be easy,” Leah quipped. They both laughed. Quickstep is great for cardio, but it’s definitely not easy!

Val told On the Red Carpet they have Cha-Cha. He also talked about how much he loves kids. He can’t wait to be a father. Baby on the brain! Ladies, any volunteers?

After Monday’s show, Sasha told On the Red Carpet their dance was still up on the air. It could be one of two styles. So we have to wait and see if they tweet updates. Stay tuned! Update: Snooki tweeted on October 16, "#AHS tonight!! Fox trotting with Sash then I'm ready for my witch bitches ⚡️"

Which dance are you most looking forward to seeing on Monday, October 21? Tell us below, and catch the dances at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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