Dancing With the Stars Season 18 Casting: Should the Chew’s Carla Hall Be In?
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Season 18 Casting: Should the Chew’s Carla Hall Be In?

Dancing With the Stars doesn’t always take requests, but sometimes maybe it should.

Top Chef alum and The Chew co-host Carla Hall has admitted she’s “dying” to do DWTS. In fact, she recently reiterated her request, even putting a date on it. As a fan tweeted, "omg @carlahall just said she wants to do #DWTS for her 50th birthday! I'd totally watch that! Get on it, @ABCNetwork"

Carla will turn 50 in May, which is perfect timing for DWTS Season 18, which airs in spring 2014.

Other fans have been supporting the cause. One tweeted, “I want to see @carlahall on @DancingABC next season! Winner, winner, chicken dinner! #DWTS @thechew.” And fan Peggy Nelson Hansen noted in the comments of a Wetpaint DWTS story, "they need to get Carla Hall from The Chew show she wants to be on DWTS as she's mentioned numerous times she's always dancing on her show I think she would be great she has good moves."

Carla is always dancing on The Chew. She loves to dance with the audience and you can see she has some great moves. She’s also danced with past DWTS cast members and pros, enjoying a flash mob with Maksim Chmerkovskiy and showing off some great dance moves with Season 3 winner and All-Stars contestant Emmitt Smith:

It just seems like Carla would be a blast on the show. She’s funny, positive, likable and might actually turn out to be a great dancer. She’s 5' 11", so she’d need one of the taller pros, but it’s doable.

What do you think? If DWTS doesn’t manage to do that whole Oscar-winners season, should they consider Carla for Season 18?

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