Dancing With the Stars Season 18: Derek Hough Shares Teases, Talks Casting
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Season 18: Derek Hough Shares Teases, Talks Casting

Will Derek Hough try for a record three wins in a row on Dancing With the Stars Season 18? We shall see!

The DWTS pros should find out in mid-February if they’ll be asked to compete on Season 18, which premieres on Monday, March 17. Derek hasn’t confirmed whether he’s even up for the challenge — he’s already won five times and he’s wavered on returning in the past — but he did talk to That's Your Reality about the spring 2014 season, which at least hints to interest in returning.

Derek said some of his fellow pros like to predict who might be paired with which celebs for the next season, but he’s not like that. “I don’t want to know even a day earlier,” he told the site with a laugh.

Derek and one of those pros, Emma Slater, recently performed at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. That’s the kind of thing they do between seasons — travel across the country, or cruise around the globe, dancing at various venues. It’s a great gig. But so is competing on DWTS, and so far Derek has only taken one season off (Season 12) since he started on Season 5 back in 2007.

So what could he tell fans about the new season? “I know there’s a few things coming back, but I really can’t say too much,” Derek teased. It sounds like he’s at least in the know! The Powers That Be are probably hoping he wants to come back — the fact that he’s won the show a record five times hints to some serious popularity — so it may just be up to him.

Derek is always at the center of a chicken/egg debate on whether he keeps lucking out with great dance partners or if his partners become great because of his teaching and choreography.

He too weighed in on the epic previous experience debate, telling That’s Your Reality his Season 9 partner Joanna Krupa didn’t come in with high expectations. “Each dance we did it was like, ‘Sweet! They liked it!’ and we had fun.” However, he added of his Season 10 champion, “When you have someone like Nicole Scherzinger, you knew that everything has to be good.” And everything with her was good!

Do you hope Derek returns for Season 18? If so, do you hope he gets another Nicole-level partner or more of a challenge — not like Joanna, who turned out to be great, but maybe like Valerie Harper or Wynonna Judd?

Source: That's Your Reality