Dancing With the Stars Season 18: Should Billy Dee Williams Stay or Go?
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Season 18: Should Billy Dee Williams Stay or Go?

The Force is indeed strong with Billy Dee Williams, but how long will it last on Dancing With the Stars Season 18?

Emma Slater is proving herself to be the perfect go-to girl to help likable, older, less-than-skilled guys survive on DWTS. She had underdog Bill Engvall last fall and now she’s using her positive energy (and help from “rioters”?) to keep the Star Wars legend on the dance floor into Season 18, Week 3 and perhaps beyond. Billy Dee got a 15 for his premiere night Cha-Cha-Cha and he got the same score for his Week 2 Tango. He’s not quite as good out there as Bill, but he’s also 20 years older than Bill, and much older than the other remaining celebs on the spring season.

Billy Dee is 76 (turning 77 next month) and suffers from some health issues. So it’s impressive and inspiring just to see him get out there and try so hard. On Week 2, we heard him confess he wanted to cry for a moment when he heard his Week 1 scores. He thought he looked like an old man trying to be a young person. It tugged at our hearts a little bit. After spending some time in rehearsals with the youthful energy of several young ladies, he found his spirit and declared that he was the master of his own fate. He’s certainly the master of his own emotions and actions, but voters are the master of his fate on DWTS.

Will he last through next week? He wasn’t even in the bottom two on Week 1, in terms of who goes home, since the double elimination took out the two people above him on the leaderboard: Diana Nyad with a score of 18 and Sean Avery with 20. Sometimes being at the bottom is a good thing, since you are an obvious underdog who needs to be saved. But that takes votes away from people just above you, who then turn out to be the ones who leave.

That said, who could go home this coming Monday if it’s not Billy Dee?

He got his 15 again, and with Diana and Sean out of the mix, the only people above him are celebs in the “21” club — Drew Carey, NeNe Leakes, and Candace Cameron Bure. Drew is perfectly suited to this show, and with Cheryl Burke by his side it’s hard to imagine him leaving next. NeNe has a huge fan base and she’s been dancing really well, too. Candace looks like a contender to win the whole season so it would be perhaps the biggest shock to see her leave. Just above them is Cody Simpson with a score of 22. This guy has more than 6 million followers on Twitter, and even if a quarter of them vote for him to stay, that keeps him pretty safe.

As much as we love Billy Dee, it’s hard to imagine anyone else leaving next week. Would it even be fair for someone else to go? Then again, this show is less about great dancing than who the majority of viewers want to see dance, and we can certainly see why fans would root for Billy. He’s the senior contestant up against two champion ice dancers and young pop stars. If anyone deserves a boost, it’s him!

What do you think? Do you hope Billy Dee Williams stays on DWTS or is it time for him to go?