Dancing With the Stars Season 18: Which Team Dance Was Better?
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Season 18: Which Team Dance Was Better?

On Dancing With the Stars Season 18, Week 7, the cast split in two to face off in the always exciting Team Dance. In honor of guest judge Ricky Martin, we had Team Vida and Team Loca (get it?), and both groups turned in solid performances.

Team Vida was clearly the underdogs. All three stars — Charlie White, James Maslow, and Nene Leakes — were told they were in jeopardy last night. And while Charlie and James are certainly contenders, they haven't been shown loves from the judges quite as consistently as, say, Meryl Davis and Amy Purdy. Despite that, they turned out a high-energy, high-fun Latin Freestyle that really showcased all of the stars' talents. They earned 35/40 points.

Team Loca ended up having to be judged based on their dress rehearsal, because Amy Purdy was injured. Even so, they managed to score a near-perfect 39/40 score for their Latin Freestyle, which focused more on being sharp and sexy. All four female contestants brought it, in a big way, and Derek Hough once again continued his streak of always being part of the winning Team Dance.

Do you agree with the judges that Team Loca won this battle, or did you enjoy Team Vida's more energetic take on the challenge?

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