Dancing With the Stars Season 18: Why Wasn’t Tristan Cast? Pro Speaks Out
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Season 18: Why Wasn’t Tristan Cast? Pro Speaks Out

How cruel to schedule the Dancing With the Stars Season 18 premiere on St. Patrick’s Day, then deny us time with our favorite Irish Lucky Charm, Tristan MacManus. This is not OK.

The 12 spring season couples were revealed today, and even though we’re excited to see that Maksim Chmerkovskiy is back and Henry Byalikov is finally getting a chance to show his stuff, it’s sad that The Powers That Be couldn’t find a 13th celeb lady to dance with Tristan. (Sasha Farber is also sitting out as a competing pro, but at least we’ll still see him every week with the troupe.)

At first, we wondered if Tristan was sitting out the season by choice — he did recently get married but it sounds like that’s not the case. He shared a statement with the fan site Macmaniacs.org, writing, in part, "I am very moved by everyone’s kindness and unwavering support. Unfortunately or fortunately that’s just the way it goes sometimes! I was surprised but not shocked. I understand that the show is always evolving, and the only thing constant is change in any field but after hearing for so long that I would be told if I have anything to worry about that I would know in advance, then yes I was a little surprised. It is what it is, and no matter what the show goes on.”

Dancing With the Stars Season 18: Why Wasn’t Tristan Cast? Pro Speaks Out
Credit: Adam Taylor / ABC    

He continued, saying he doesn’t know the reason why he wasn’t cast, but it doesn’t change anything. “You are in or you are out and it’s as simple as that. I can’t complain as every season that I have been included somebody else has missed out, so I wish everyone involved all the best of luck in the world. I have enjoyed my time on DWTS but I do think that this is the best thing for me. I sometimes need the kick up the arse to get what I really want to do done, and as always that will come when it comes, and you will know about it then. For now it’s a case of just making it happen. I have had three years on DWTS now and I am looking forward to the next chapter. The show didn’t end the way I would have wanted it to for me, but I was very lucky to be a part of the show at all.”

He joked that this just means he can “savage” through St. Paddy’s Day without having to worry about working. Read his whole statement here.

He sounds fine about it, but why does it also sound like he’s leaving the show for good? Maks just showed you can skip an entire year and come back, and plenty of pros have been gone for a season or so and returned. Why not hold out hope that he can return next season? Or does he not want to? He did previously mention wanting to relocate to Australia, where his wife is from, but that was supposed to happen a couple of years from now. We thought he’d spend that time with us, but perhaps not.

Is anyone else depressed now? No tousled hair, no wayward tongue, no “tird” thing we can’t think of now ‘cause we’re too sad… It won’t be the same without you, Tris!

Source: Macmaniacs.org

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