Dancing With the Stars Season 18: Will the Results Show Return? Showrunner Says…
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Season 18: Will the Results Show Return? Showrunner Says…

Everybody's a critic when it comes to the changes on Dancing With the Stars Season 17. Even showrunner Conrad Green admits the current one-night system is not ideal. Ideal would be to have the Results Show return.

"But the network, they wanted to launch the Marvel show [Tuesday's Agents of SHIELD]," Conrad told Entertainment Weekly, "and some comedies after it, and they have their own priorities and that’s perfectly valid. So then we have the problem of what do we do? Because if you’ve got one night a week, all of the options aren’t brilliant. It’s then a question of which one is least bad."

That's where we are right now. Conrad went into detail about the voting options they considered before settling on the much-criticized new system, but the quick fix would be getting another Results Show. Will it happen? DWTS is losing a lot of younger viewers to The Voice and that matters to advertisers. But Conrad noted that there are new ABC execs looking at things, so it's possible they'll have an optimistic view of DWTS — which is still the most-watched reality TV show right now — and invest in a Results Show return.

"It’s conceivable," for the Results Show to return, Conrad told EW. "I really don’t know. It’s an open book at the moment. The people at the network have changed, this season. And I’m sure they’ll take stock at the end of all this and review what we’re going for. What’s gonna happen to our Tuesday night — is there a slot there? Is Dancing on a Monday? Once we’ve got that brief, that will determine a lot of where we go.”

They’re just given the hours, then they work with what they’re given. So send good thoughts out to the ABC Powers That Be and hope they decide DWTS is worth more time, not less!

How would you feel if they decided the best answer for DWTS to stay alive was to move it from Monday to another day? What if, say, they went for Thursday and Friday for the Performance Show and Results Show? Or Friday and Saturday? Would it be a deal-breaker for you, or would you be happy just to see the old format back?

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Source: Entertainment Weekly