Bachelor 2014: When is the Women Tell All Special for Juan Pablo’s Season?
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014: When is the Women Tell All Special for Juan Pablo’s Season?

Ah, The BachelorWomen Tell All” special. Also known as the time when the crazy eyes come out in full force, girls debut new hairstyles and fit bods to show the Bachelor what he missed, and some rando shows up with an engagement ring claiming to be betrothed (you know who you are). So, when will we get the chance to watch this complete trainwreck pull into the ABC station (literally) nearest you? We’re going with March 3, 2014.

While nothing can be guaranteed, thanks to the wacky schedule changes execs make to keep us all on our stiletto-clad (that’s code for bunny slippers, BTW) feet, it’s the most likely date. Back in mid-January, exec Robert Mills announced that they would be swapping things around so that the Hometown Dates and Fantasy Suites episodes would abut one another, on February 24 and February 25, respectively.

With that move in motion, and Dancing With The Stars premiering in the Monday primetime slot a couple weeks later, it’s pretty easy to guess that the Season 18 finale will air on March 10, leaving March 3 the likely WTA day (since it airs the week prior to a finale).

What can you expect? Well, beside some answers from Juan Pablo Galavis, we always enjoy the season’s blooper reel, and a peek behind the scenes at whatever we missed when the cameras stopped rolling.

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