Dancing With the Stars Season 19: Cheryl Burke Almost Didn’t Come Back? — Report
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Dancing With the Stars Season 19: Cheryl Burke Almost Didn’t Come Back? — Report

Cheryl Burke has been a pro on Dancing With the Stars since Season 2, and the two-time Mirror Ball champ hasn't taken a single season off. Heading into Season 19 she hinted that it might be time for a break, but when the pros for the season were announced this Wednesday, she was part of the lineup, as usual. But how close did she come to taking a season off?

In her latest 15 Second Dance Scoop, Kristyn Burtt revealed that Cheryl really did almost sit the season out, and changed her mind at the last minute. There aren't any details on why Cheryl had a change of heart, though. Was she promised a particularly good partner? Did the Powers That Be woo her back with more money? Did she just decide she'd miss the show too much?

Somewhat surprisingly, Kristyn also reports that the dancer who was going to fill Cheryl's spot was Jenna Johnson, who joined the troupe last season. If this is accurate, why not Sharna Burgess, or even Tyne Stecklein or Lindsay Arnold? But mostly Sharna. We're still confused about why the fan fave pro isn't back this season (though she says it wasn't a surprise, and hinted she'll still be involved in the show somehow, so who knows).

Are you glad Cheryl is back, or do you think it's time to focus on the newer (or brand new) pros? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Kristyn Burtt

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