Nashville Season 2, Episode 12 Promo: 5 Things We Learn About “Just For What I Am”
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Nashville Season 2, Episode 12 Promo: 5 Things We Learn About “Just For What I Am”

With Juliette's career taking a major hit and everything on the line for Rayna with her new label, things are more intense than ever on Nashville. What will go down when we return to Music City next week for Season 2, Episode 12 (“Just For What I Am”)?

We've taken a close look at the promo for the episode to see what it reveals.

1. Big stars! Zac Brown and Rascal Flatts are rolling into town next week, and it looks like that could be very good news for Gunnar, whose songwriting career appears to be taking off. It also looks like we'll see Scarlett on stage with Zac Brown (at :07).

2. Rekindling the magic. At :12 we see that Rayna has come up with a way to help her album pop: Get Deacon to help her write songs! Hey, it worked in the past...

3. Yes, they get along great. Based on the way they tell each other "it was real nice working with you" at :15, things go very well for them — and we have a feeling it's not just about the music.

4. Bad news for Juliette. But while things are looking up for some of our heroes, Juliette is facing a cancelled show (:19), and a head of her label who calls her "trailer trash" (:21).

5. Does she do something drastic? At :23 we see Juliette passed out in her bed. Her door is knocked open and Avery grabs her, yelling her name. Does she try to commit suicide? Or is it something else? We're worried...

Check it out for yourself below:

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Catch the next episode of Nashville on Wednesday, January 22, 2014, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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