Vanderpump Rules Season 2, Episode 6 Recap — Top 5 Craziest Moments!
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Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules Season 2, Episode 6 Recap — Top 5 Craziest Moments!

In tonight's Vanderpump Rules Season 2, Episode 6 recap, everyone puts on giant wings for Gay Pride. Let's take a look at tonight's top five craziest moments. And no, we won't call you an old-fashioned floozy.

5. Stassi does not like Scheana's song

We can't imagine listen to any song 88 times in a row, as everyone had to do when Scheana Marie sang her tune on a loop on the SUR Gay Pride parade float. And clearly, Stassi Schroeder does not appreciate having to listen to Scheana Marie's song once, let alone over and over forever.

4. Lisa makes Kristen suffer

The SUR servers all have to work on the annual parade float except for one person. Lisa Vanderpump asks someone to volunteer to stay back at SUR and hold down the fort, so she's relieved that Kristen Doute finally volunteers, since Lisa would have forced Kristen to stay back anyway.

3. Kristen demands answers from Ariana

Kristen makes her issues with Ariana Madix clearer than ever this week, as she asks Ariana point-blank if she's ever hooked up with Tom Sandoval. We're not sure if Ariana is telling the truth, but we do give her props for remaining so calm throughout the whole crazy discussion.

2. Jax gloats, Stassi complains

Jax Taylor couldn't stop telling the group especially Stassi about his recent conquests, including a ballerina. Stassi is upset to have to constantly hear about this and calls Jax a bad person.

1. Kristen shows Tom texts from his phone.

Finally, because Kristen can't leave well enough alone, Kristen pulls Tom out of SUR to show him screenshots from Tom's phone of texts he and Ariana have sent to each other. Tom still denies that he did anything wrong, but Kristen says this isn't the kind of relationship she wants to have.