Vanderpump Rules Season 2, Episode 9 Recap — Top 5 Craziest Moments: Kristen’s In Tears!
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Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules Season 2, Episode 9 Recap — Top 5 Craziest Moments: Kristen’s In Tears!

In tonight's Vanderpump Rules Season 2, Episode 9 recap, Lisa Vanderpump throws a party at SUR, but Kristen Doute is having a real bad time with her relationship. Let's take a look at tonight's top five craziest moments. And we're here for a hug if you need one, Kristen.

5. Tom calls out Jax for spreading rumors

Who couldn't see the tension coming between these two bros, right? After Jax Taylor has spread rumors about Tom Sandoval hooking up with Ariana Madix, Tom calls Jax out. However, Jax denies saying anything. Smooth, Jax.

4. Kristen asks Tom about his phone calls

After Kristen admits to her friends that she's been going through Tom's phone totally healthy, right? she approaches Tom about calling Ariana. He flips out on her, and then she storms out. Don't these two just make you believe in love all over again?

3. Kristen's Tarot reading doesn't go so well

When you're on the brink of a total collapse, maybe a Tarot reading isn't the best idea. Indeed, after Kristen gets some not-so-promising cards, she gets hysterical and... storms out. We're sensing a pattern here.

2. Stassi won't let Kristen into Lisa's party

Lisa throws a tense dinner party for her Real Housewives pals at SUR. She's concerned about Kristen's behavior and sure enough, Kristen shows up, angry that Tom is bartending with Ariana instead of Jax. Tom gets Scheana Marie to try to convince Kristen that he didn't sleep with Ariana.

1. Ariana walks away from Kristen

Ariana has already told Kristen once that she didn't sleep with with Tom, but maybe telling her multiple more times will help? We shall see, as Ariana again tells Kristen that nothing happened between them. Kristen doesn't believe her, so Ariana just walks away. Perhaps that's progress?