“Rich People Annoy Me” — Sneak Peek of Vanderpump Rules Season 2, Episode 9 (VIDEO)
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Vanderpump Rules

“Rich People Annoy Me” — Sneak Peek of Vanderpump Rules Season 2, Episode 9 (VIDEO)

After Stassi one-upped Sherlock Holmes by texting Jax from Kristen’s phone to see if her ex-boyfriend and bestie had hooked up behind her back, it’s finally time for the drama to shift away from the SUR servers next week. And from the looks of things, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ladies are wreaking havoc on the Vanderpump Rules kids.

In the second crossover event of the spinoff’s second season, Lisa is bringing her gal pals and their hubbies to her restaurant for a grand evening of wining and dining — but it looks like someone forgot to tell the ladies to leave their shade and knuckle sandwiches at home.

We’ve already seen the promo for Season 4, Episode 9 of RHoBH — you know, where Brandi calls Joyce “stupid” — but the drama is about to ruin Stassi’s evening at work too.

After getting yelled at and subsequently retreating to the kitchen at SUR, Stassi seeks consolation in her best friends and fellow employees. “This is why I date poor people,” Stassi moans. “Rich people annoy me.” Oh yeah? Tell us about it, girl.

We have to admit that it looks like the employees at SUR are on their best behavior this episode — which is a great change of pace. Who knew that these younglings could be more mature than their elders? Yeah, we didn’t believe it either.

How do you think the dinner party ends up? Will Stassi escape the evening unscathed? Hit the comments and speculate!

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