Once Upon a Time Season 2 Finale: The Cast Reacts to the Twists and Turns — in GIFs!
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Finale: The Cast Reacts to the Twists and Turns — in GIFs!

Last night’s Once Upon a Time Season 2 finale was indeed epic, and while we knew a few things about the episode ahead of time — Storybrooke’s impending doom, Regina’s attempt at redemption, etc. — there were plenty of twists and turns along the way.

To properly react to the big reveals, we’ve rounded up the cast’s “reactions” to the episode — in GIFs, of course! Check out our selected moments below, and then hit the comments with your own feelings and emotions. Oh, and it should go without saying, but finale spoilers ahoy! Click away if you haven’t watched yet. (In fact, just click here to watch the full episode!)

When Tamara, Greg, and Hook activated the fail-safe and weird black tentacle clouds took over Storybrooke:

 photo emmaground_zps606324bc.gif

When Hook and Bae bonded, then Bae found out Rumple killed his mother Basically, their whole story:

 photo hookbae_zpsad3499e8.gif
 photo snowcry_zps1f4d206c.gif

When Belle regained her memories (actually here’s the reunion for you):

 photo belle_zpsccdfeae1.gif
 photo rumple_zpsc59fb974.gif
 photo kiss_zps1a780c98.gif
 photo needed_zps61581a58.gif

When Emma and Regina teamed up and made our inner Swan Queen fans rejoice:

 photo intensefeels_zpsdc1fdd7d.gif

Let’s take a moment to remember badass! Charming:

 photo badasscharming_zpse99499bf.gif

When we thought for a second that everyone might die:

 photo charmingsemmacard_zps7321a597.gif

When the entire build-up of Storybrooke’s destruction was fixed with a combination of Emma and Regina’s magic. In like two seconds:

 photo ohcomeon_zpsf65f0698.gif
 photo areyouserious_zps7aaf4a65.gif

When it was all a distraction so Tamara and Greg could kidnap Henry:

 photo shock_zps347ca892.gif

Wait, are we supposed to be genuinely concerned for Henry?

 photo hahahano_zps8601366d.gif

When Aurora, Mulan, and Prince Phillip (wait, he’s not dead?) return with Neal for approximately five seconds:

 photo whyyyyy_zps74ee9959.gif
 photo thatiscrap_zpseaeb882c.gif

When Hook came back with the bean, everyone united... and then they ripped Rumbelle apart:

 photo ohnoyoudidnt_zps4d0e4c65.gif

Wait, that’s it? Waiting for Season 3 causes...

 photo bookcaseemotions_zpse13825a0.gif

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