Revenge Season 2 Finale: Emily Thorne Reveals Her Identity to [SPOILER]!
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Revenge Season 2 Finale: Emily Thorne Reveals Her Identity to [SPOILER]!

Revenge's epic Season 2 finale ended with Emily Thorne finally telling her childhood sweetheart Jack Porter those three little words: "I'm Amanda Clarke." It's all happening, Revengers!

Here's how the whole thing went down. Conrad Grayson blew up Grayson Global headquarters, hoping to murder Jack before he released an audio recording that could kill (no pun intended) his run for governor. Unfortunately, Declan was in the building looking for Charlotte, and later passed away during emergency surgery. (RIP little guy!)

Naturally, the news of his brother's death sent him over the edge, and Jack booked it to Connie's acceptance speech to unleash his own revengenda. Disguised in a pair of Mason Treadwell-esque glasses and a pageboy hat (amatuer hour, people), Jack hid in the balcony and pulled out a gun, positioned to assassinate the newly-elected governor John Wilkes Booth-style.

Thankfully, Emily showed up just in the nick of time and urged him to put the gun down. "Go away," he said. "This has nothing to do with you."

Her response? "It has everything to do with me."

At this point, Jack starts having flashbacks of his halcyon beachside days with baby Amanda and suddenly he knows — but as Emily reminds him, deep down inside he's always known.

"I'm Amanda Clarke," she says, tears streaming down her face.

Does this mean Emily (er, Amanda) and Jack can finally be together? Not so fast. This is Revenge, and nothing's ever easy in the Hamptons — not even lobster stealing. But you guys are the experts, so tell us your thoughts below (if you're not too busy tattooing Emily and Jack 4 eva on the underside of your wrist).

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