Vanderpump Rules Season 2 Finale Recap — Top 5 Craziest Moments: Tom Punches Jax!
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Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules Season 2 Finale Recap — Top 5 Craziest Moments: Tom Punches Jax!

Tonight's Vanderpump Rules Season 2 finale was full of stunning secrets coming out, and we're not just talking about Jax Taylor revealing that the secret to modeling is looking confused. Let's take a look at tonight's top five craziest moments in our recap of Season 2, Episode 14. Please try not to pose for naked photos while you read this.

5. Stassi tries to talk sense into Tom at the photo shoot

Tom is clearly distraught at the start of the episode, as he shows up 45 minutes late to the SUR photo shoot because he can't sleep. He pulls Stassi aside and says he doesn't know what to believe about the Kristen-Jax rumors. Stassi is tough with him, but she does ultimately tell Tom that people care about him, which is sweet, since he has seen better days.

4. Tom accuses Kristen of lying

Tom still doesn't get how a text could have been sent to Jax from Kristen's phone if Kristen didn't send it. So he tells Kristen at home that he still doesn't believe her, and so she storms out.

3. Tom learns the truth and talks to Jax

After Kristen admits that yes, she slept with Jax, Tom wants to know why Jax would do that to him. But does Jax ever have a good explanation for why he does the stupid things that he does? And so Jax maintains that he doesn't feel badly for sleeping with Kristen, telling us that she needed to get laid. Oh, Jax.

2. Kristen comes clean and Lisa asks her to quit

After all those denials, Kristen finally admits to Tom and Stassi to having slept with Jax once. Stassi is livid, but Tom appears to be defending Kristen, saying that Stassi makes herself the victim. Wow, we never expected Tom to still have Kristen's back after all this. Then, unsurprisingly, Lisa says Kristen would be doing her a favor if she quit her job at SUR.

1. Tom attacks Jax

What's a season finale of Vanderpump Rules without one more fight, right? So Tom pretends to want to talk to Jax about how he never feels anything, but then Tom asks if he feels this, and punches Jax right in the nose. The two continue to tussle, with Scheana Marie getting incredibly upset about her engagement party being ruined. And then Tom and Kristen stroll out together like it ain't no thang.

What a shocking season finale! We cannot wait to see everyone defend themselves at the first part of the Season 2 reunion next week. We have a feeling Jax will be looking quite confused, but probably for real.