The Originals: 5 Things We Want to See in Season 2
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The Originals

The Originals: 5 Things We Want to See in Season 2

If you’re anything like us, you’re already dying to see Season 2 of The Originals. Last night’s finale managed to wrap many of the inaugural season’s central plots up in one big, bloody bow, while weaving new characters and developments into this already-rich narrative. Basically, it was awesome and left us eager for more. Here are five things we want to see in the upcoming season.

The return of the baby

We know, we know. Baby Hope just left town in an elaborate fake death ruse, but as soon as Klaus promised the supernatural tyke that she would return to him, we started waiting for that moment. We’re not talking the Season 2 premiere — that would probably be terrible and erase consequence in the same dangerous way The Vampire Diaries has taken to doing — but we would be open to seeing some Baby Mikaelson by the mid-season finale or sometime in the second half of the season. We’d also take a Rebekah/Baby Mikaelson spin-off. Possible titles: Rebekah’s Hope or White Fences. Make it happen, CW.

A continuation of Hayley’s larger role

We’re still lamenting the loss of Rebekah as a main character (though slightly less so with that brilliant season finale ending), but we have to admit Hayley has been given much more to do in Bex’s absence — and we hope to see that continue in Season 2. We’re especially eager to see what her role in this show looks like now that the show can no longer fall back on the Klaus’ Enemy Has Stolen the Mother of His Unborn Child plot device. Now that she’s a hybrid herself, Hayley is even stronger than she already was and presumably eager to see her people (i.e. the werewolves) safe and away from the corrupting influence of Francesca.

An effective Vampire Diaries crossover

There’s no doubt The Originals has proven itself as a spin-off able to stand apart from its source material — we’d actually go so far as to say it is currently playing a much better narrative game than TVD but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be open to some cool crossovers. Crossovers are hard to do well, as evidenced by the lackluster use of TVD’s Tyler on The Originals in Season 1. But these characters have recent history in Mystic Falls, strong connections to many of the characters there, and 22 episodes in a season. Maybe they could throw one of those episodes Mystic Falls’ way?

Marcel and Klaus, buddies

How great was it to see Marcel and Klaus make amends in last night’s episode? Very great is the answer to that question. We hope to see more of these two as teammates in Season 2 — not only because Joseph Morgan and Charles Michael Davis have enough collective on-screen charisma to power a third world country, but because the Marcel vs. Klaus dynamic was a well-worn one in Season 1. We want to see The Originals go in new directions in Season 2, and we’re not sure if pitting these two characters against each other again is the way to do that — for now. Also, with Hope out of town, it will be fascinating to see how Klaus interacts with his other “child.”

The Mikaelsons as underdogs

Don’t get us wrong, we totally want the Mikaelsons to win, but The Originals is at its best when it manages to make us believe that the Mikaelsons and their interests are actually in danger -- not the easiest task when telling a story about a family of immortal vampires. We have a feeling the return of not one, but both of the Mikaelson parentals will go a long way to making this happen -- not to mention a long way to helping us understand more about how this family became so, so, so dysfunctional.

What do you want to see in Season 2 of The Originals? Share your suggestions in the comments below!

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