Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Flashback: Maya Brings the Water to Emily
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Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Flashback: Maya Brings the Water to Emily

While we've come to really enjoy Emily's (Shay Mitchell) relationship with Paige on Pretty Little Liars, part of us will always miss Maya. She helped our girl come to terms with, and eventually embrace, who she really is. That's valuable, and we won't ever forget about the Emaya relationship.

To celebrate what once was, we've taken a trip back to Season 2, Episode 18: "A Kiss Before Lying" for today's flashback Friday clip. Dedicated Emily/Maya fans probably already know what we're going to say next.

This episode took place when the Rosewood High Sharks weren’t allowing Emily back on the team. During the episode, Maya joined Emily and Pam for what turned out to be a very awkward dinner, much to Emily's disappointment. Maya also mentioned that she'd dated a guy briefly while in rehab, which upset Emily.

However, all hurt feelings were fixed in the scene below, where Emily explains to Maya that she's not bothered that Maya was dating a guy, she's bothered by the idea of Maya dating anyone but her (aww). In response, Maya shows Emily that she's turned her room into a watery wonderland.

"My way of saying sorry for ruining dinner," she explains. "If the Sharks won't let you back in the water, I'll bring the water to you."

They embrace in one of the most romantic moments in the show's history.

Live the memories all over again below!

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